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Jul 9, 2009 08:04 PM

Did anyone go to summerlicious 2009?

Im getting this impression from the lack of postings, that very few people went to summerlicious 2009? right or wrong?
I chose not to go for my first time in years and years and years.
Why? probably the same reason as everyone else. But Im curious to hear why others didnt attend.

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  1. We didn't bother this year for the first time since Summerlicious started. Quite frankly I'm tired of war dialing certain popular restaurants trying to get a reservation. I'm tired of the frequent only available early or late dinner reservations. Many restaurants put in a half-hearted effort with the food and the service. We're not one of those cheap types either who only order water with the meal. We usually order a good bottle of wine.

    Meh, whatever.

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    1. re: lister

      I dont't think there are any lines anywhere for summerlicious and many prime time reservation spots still available.. Between the recession and everyone in 905 thinking Toronto is one huge garbage dump because that is all that is shown on the news... it is also keeping many people away..

      Also they should have dropped the prices back down to $35 as many restaurants have dropped prices anyway for the recession..

      I say dial the places you want to go and I bet they will have plenty of seats for you...

      1. re: OnDaGo

        Last Sunday, I called Globe Bistro at 5:00 pm and got a reservation for 6:00 pm. When we arrived, it was probably 10% occupied. For most of the meal, at least 8 or 10 tables for 4 were empty. We had a great dinner and are going back on Saturday.
        I had the carpaccio appetiser, twice cooked skirt steak, and the "Eton Mess: desert.

        1. re: OnDaGo

          A lot of restaurants are $25 and $35, except for the high end ones.

          We tried MoRoCo Chocolat last weekend. We didn't mind going early as my husband had to get up at 3:30 the next day for work and the restaurant was pretty empty. The portions were really small...but then I had heard that about this restaurant's regular menu, so I wasn't surprised. Everything tasted great. The main course list seemed a little odd to me compared to other places I have been to for summer/winterlicious. Strawberry salad (you know, the standard strawberry, goat cheese, candied nuts), a roasted veggies club or a asiago stuffed chicken breast.

      2. I usually avoid the 'licious, because of the insanity alone. I've had hit-or-miss luck with resto's, so that factors in too.

        1. Went to bistro 990 this week, called the day before and got a reservation for the time i wanted. I don't think its as busy this yr, although the restaurant seemed full.

          1. I ordered the Summerlicious menu at the Drake this week. I was there for birthday dinner.

            I normally would order off the regular menu, but wasn't that hungry, and I'm trying to watch my weight, so went with the Summerlicious menu hoping it might mean smaller portions. Not the case at the Drake.

            Enjoyed the Drake maki, a tasty pesto spaghetti, and a generous portion of old cheddar with honey, nuts and apple.

            Great service- honestly, it was the best licious meal I've experienced.

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            1. re: phoenikia

              It's nice to see that others have had positive experiences as the Drake often gets negative reviews on this board. Haven't been this year (yet?) but I've dined there both for liscious and nonlicious menus and have never been disappointed with the food or service.

              1. re: tuttebene

                Glad to hear it, we're going to The Drake on Sunday night. We go there occasionally and always enjoy it. The regular menu is fairly reasonable so I don't think the 'licious deal is really so much of a deal there. But the menu they have pulled together for 'licious sounds tasty so we wanted to try them out.

                Also a good 'licious tip for those that want to bother, it's always good to try to swing it on an off night. Made a reservation for Drake on opentable and they had plenty of spots available on Sunday night.

                1. re: abigllama

                  I've been to the Drake twice in the last month and both times, it was terrific. I think the new chef has got things humming over there.

                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    We had a great meal at The Drake last night. The room was probably half full, service was excellent and far from rushed. Highlights were the iceberg wedge with buttermilk blue cheese, bacon and fried onions, and the excellent pesto pasta with mild cheese and veggies. They tag on an 18% gratuity to the tab, but the service was top notch as so we left a bit more.

              2. I had a great dinner at Trevor Kitchen & Bar last night. I had the ricotta gnocchi which I loved (it was my first time having gnocchi). The whitefish, which was cooked perfectly and paired with a vegetable medley that included my beloved brussel sprouts left me wanting more - not because it was a small portion, quite the opposite, really - but because it was delicious!

                creme brulee was smooth and silky with the tiniest, sweetest bunch of grapes I'd ever had the pleasure of eating - doubly good because it was a departure from the standard raspberry/strawberry garnish

                we were a party of 7 and there were nothing but full bellies and happy faces!