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Jul 9, 2009 07:55 PM

corned beef suggestions...?

hi and thanks for visiting! you look wonderful. just curious to know if anyone might be able to direct me somewhere to get some great corned beef? i have tried the coop, the safeway, the sunterra, etc, etc, but would really appreciate to visit a deli or shop that has something that can set a reuben sandwich apart. any and all information is greatly appreciated. thank you.

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  1. Before the location nazis jump in, can you tell us what city you are looking in?
    Your posting history only shows a thread about Los Angeles.
    Your mention of Sunterra would suggest Calgary or Edmonton but for specific deli suggestions you will have to narrow it down for us.

    1. Costco off Deerfoot has Dunn's smoked meat-at least they did last weekend when I bought some.

      I know, not corned beef, but a close relative.

      1. Have you tried buying the whole corned beef (cured brisket in a bag), adding some spices, and boiling it yourself? Slice it on the grain while still hot. I know Safeway sells these, and they're not expensive.