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Jul 9, 2009 07:42 PM

Charleston SC trip. One day and One night

I will be in Charleston on Tuesday of next week. I am traveling alone and not sure where to stay or dine. So many options. I would like to stay on the water but have close access to shopping and restaurants. Here are my choices so far:

Vendue Inn
Charleston Place

39 Rue de Jean

Dinner (would like to dine at the bar):
39 Rue de Jean
Charleston Grille
Fulton Five

Please help. I would like to park and then walk to shops and dinner/drinks. Price is not an issue. Not in the mood for ethnic food.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might get some ideas for your trip from this recent Washington Post article:

    1. I'm visiting Charleston on business, too.

      I had a great dinner at FIG (at the bar) - ordered three apps for my meal. The wine list is great there. I'd put all my eggs in this basket. The area is all quite walkable unless you get caught in one of the evening downpours that seem to be happening regularly.

      I've also been too 39RueDeJean (lunch) and Social (wine / dinner). Social is more contemporary/hip in feel. Based on my cursory visits, I'd say the food is better at 39Rue - but the wine list is more diverse at Social.

      1. If you stay at either Vendue Inn or Charleston Place you could leave your car at the hotel your entire stay and walk to restaurants/drinks,

        As far as drinks go, Social might be a good choice, but every restaurant in town has a bar so if I were you I would play that one by ear.

        Otherwise, let me just say that I do not consider 39 Rue de Jean to be in the same league as the others. Fulton Five is Italian, and even though it is good, if you only have one night in town if I were you I would choose either Charleston Grill or FIG. Both of those restaurants have more of a local flavor, FIG focuses on fresh and local and Charleston Grill has local favorites on the menu as well as contemporary cuisine. I hope this helps!

        1. Mcrady's would be my first choice in Charleston and probably FIG second.

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            Is the Harbourview Inn a possibility? If so, I would highly recommend that hotel for its service (top notch staff), freebies (full breakfast, afternoon wine and cheese, nighttime milk and cookies), location (next to Waterfront Park and walking distance from great shops and restaurants).

            As for restaurants, we enjoyed both Slightly North of Broad and Magnolia's.

          2. Have been twice in the past year. Favorite place to stay was the Rutledge House
            and we had wonderful meals at Oak Steak House, Magnolias and McCrady's.