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Jul 9, 2009 07:28 PM

Vegetarian in the Ironbound (Newark)

I'm a vegetarian, and I'll be moving to the Ironbound next month. Any suggestions of veggie-friendly restaurants? I'll be pretty close to penn station, so stuff in the NW part of the Ironbound would be best. Thanks.

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  1. Both of these are by Rutgers and have Veggie options - hope this helps

    The Daily Soup

    Harvest Table

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      If you take 21 up to Rutherford, you can hit one of the best gourmet veggie restaurants in the area...

      Park and Orchard


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        I won't have a car, so Park and Orchard probably isn't doable, but I'll be working not far from Halsey St. so I'll definitely check out Daily Soup and Harvest Table. Thanks!

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        I used to work in that neighborhood and will vouch for the Daily Soup. I don't know if they still make it, but they had a veggie sandwich on whole grain bread featuring shredded beets that was to die for. The restaurant is within walking distance of the Ironbound. From Ferry Street, stroll past Penn Station in the direction of the Newark Hilton and keep walking until you are on the other side of the major Broad Street intersection. Halsey is one or two blocks further past the intersection.

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          hobby's deli brandford and halsey has veggie options, if you eat eggs the chopped eggs and onions is marvelous
          have lovely soups cold borscht is nice
          chopped salads are good
          potato pancakes also
          tell them marty sent you
          do not pass up the celery soda