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Jul 9, 2009 07:01 PM

Which would you select?

Trying to choose between 3 completely different styles for a night out....Do you have an opinion? Cafe des Architect...Carnivale...or Table Fifty Two??? Any help appreciated..

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  1. All three are restaurants I like.

    Totally different food and atmospheres though

    Cafe - french brasserie idea in a phenomenal space and terrific baked goods (breads and sweets)
    Carnivale - latin fusion cuisine in a raucous get up and dance around the restaurant feel
    52 - comfort new american in a more laid-back space

    1. i have never been to table 52, so i cannot attest to that one.

      cafe des architect has great food, romantic ambiance, and it feels more like a "fine dining" restaurant. carnivale, on the other hand, is more casual, more lively, and the decor more imaginative. the food and drinks in carnivale are also more unique.

      to conclude, go to cafe des architect for a more classy and fine-dining french/american fair in a quiet and contemporary chic surrounding . go to carnivale if you want to try something new and have some wow factors in an energetic and colorful setting.

      personally, i prefer the carnivale experience.

      1. The Obama's came to town for valentine's day to dine at Table 52....if $$$$$$$$$$$$$ was no object then I would go there in a heartbeat...but mostly for the food and ambiance,

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          Table 52 is on OpenTable now, so might make it easier to get in. Personally, i'd go for Cafe des Architectes. Chef Noguier has elevated the place from just another hotel restaurant.

        2. 3 very, very different spots, but Table 52 would be my choice hands down.