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Lunch btwn San Antonio and Austin

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I'll be driving from San Antonio to Austin this weekend. Are there any must-stop lunch spots inbetween San Antonio and Austin? I'm open to Mexican, Home Cooking, BBQ or a bakery off of I-35. Thanks!

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  1. Naegelin's Bakery in New Braunfels, just off the square, has the best apple streudel around.

    1. Salt Lick in Driftwood .Order the ribs. Bobby Flay was correct when he named them one of the best

      1. Take a detour over to Luling and go to City Market for the best BBQ ever (at least IMHO). I think they are closed on Sunday, however.

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          Gruene is a cool little town, home of Gruene Hall, worth seeing--live music is usually free! www.gruenehall.com. The Gristmill is next door...dine out on one of their patios perched over the river.

        2. I'd drive out to Lockhart to hit Smitty's, myself. It's certainly worth it, and significantly better than The Salt Lick. City Market in Luling is also a good option.

          1. Huisache Grill in New Brunfels; reasonable prices, great food, great service.

            1. Or you could go the back way - 290 to 281 through Blanco. I like the Sunset Cafe.

              1. Every time I drive between Austin and San Antonio, I HAVE TO stop by a Rudy's Barbecue and Country Store. Anything they barbecue is delicious, from brisket (forget about the lean and go straight for the "extra moist") to chicken, turkey, and their jalapenos sausage is amazing. Can't forget about their creamed corn either! Their sweet tea is fantastic too. There's one in New Braunfels (you can find all their locations here: http://rudys.com/SearchResults.aspx?q...). Another great stop in New Braunfels is the Texas Cheesesteak place. It looks like a hole in the wall, but the big patties and thick slices of cheese sandwiched between thick Texas Toast is well worth it!

                1. Yesterday's San Antonio Express News gave a great review to a new place in Gruene called The Gruene Door. It's apparently in a small shopping center near a subdivision, and they gave it 3 1/2 stars for food (out of 4).

                  1. Since you are coming from San Antonio to Austin, stop in Schertz, it's on your way to Austin. Get off at the FM3009 exit, also known as Roy Richards Drive.
                    When you see the H.E.B. on your right, get in the second left hand turn lane.
                    Turn left, cross IH-35, and go straight on 3009.Turn into the SuperWalmart parking lot. Go through the parking lot and drive towards the garden center area.Go past the garden center and turn right on the access road and go a little ways till you see Abel's Diner on the right hand side.It's been there for years, and even got a right up in the San Antonio Express News. It's very popular and mainly serves home cooking. The access road used to run two ways in the old days, so it was easier to get to,but now it's one way.
                    Or if feeling hungery on your way back from Austin, just get off at the Schertz exit, and it will be on your right hand side.
                    Also, try El Jalisco in Schertz. Get off at the Schertz 3009 exit. H.E.B. is on your right. Turn right and go down 3009 for two or three miles. You go past several lights. When you see the sign for Samuel Clemens High School on your right, you are getting close. El Jalisco is in the same building, next door to Papa John's Pizza.Look for the Papa John's sign behind the Bradzoil and the Day Spa, and turn left into the parking lot.It's right next to Papa John's.
                    Also at 3009 and Green Valley Road is Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. Took my sister and her fiance,Ross there last year at Thanksgiving time. They enjoyed it.On Main Street is Fiesta Mexico and BG's. Get off at the Schertz -FM 1518 exit.Follow 1518 all the way past the park and it is on your right next to the tire shop. You can park at the old post office lot, and walk over.
                    BG's is just a little ways down on Main Street on your right hand side.They have good breakfast tacos, and I keep meaning to eat lunch sometime there and at Fiesta Mexico.
                    You can as I said follow 1518 aka Main street all the way down till you hit Schertz Parkway. Turn right on Schertz parkway, cross the railroad tracks, and hit FM78. Right there at the light is Loretta's Finest which is soul food,
                    (haven't tried it yet).They also serve lunches at the VFW which have been pretty good in the past,this is home cooking. To get to there and BJ's Restaurant in the old Pizza Hut, turn left on 78 both are on your right hand side down the road a bit,but still in Schertz.If you follow FM78 you can go to Cibolo. On your right is
                    la Tortillita, a very popular mexican place. May have to wait on getting a table there at lunch time. If you continue on past there, you will see a sign for Loop 536 and Cibolo.You want to turn to the left and follow the road. When you get to the lights by St.Paul's Church, turn to your left up Main Street and go up the street.On your right you will see Harmon's BBQ,( smoked catfish I had there was very good) and just over the tracks is a bakery and Catelano's Pizza. They serve more than pizza.If you eat at Harmon's or Catelano's, just keep going up Main Street. You will hit the intersection of FM 1103.Turn left and stay on it until you hit IH-35. Also, if you take FM1103, go past Steele High School, and near the curve where 1103 goes up the hill is Weil road.if you take it, follow it a ways then go and turn left where you see the sign for Goerke's Country Tavern.

                    It is a restaurant that's been out in the country for years.It has home cooking and various lunch specials. When the Goerke family owned it they would have like turkey, meatloaf,etc. The new owner uses the family recipes, and it does get packed on weekend evenings.

                    1. Oh I forgot., there are also two new bakeries in Universal City as well as various restaurants, even a fillipino one at the corner of Pat Booker Road and Kitty Hawk, behind the Taco Cabana.There is also a soul food restaurant that's new called papa's G's Home Cooking where the old Bruno's Italian Garden used to be.