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Jul 9, 2009 06:19 PM

KCMO- The Farmhouse

Who's eaten here? They just opened this week, but I'm anxious for news.

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    1. re: inbiz

      I tried to go for lunch on Saturday just so I could respond to your post, but, unfortunately, I think they are closed. Closed all day Saturday doesn't seem like a good idea for a restaurant but the hours are listed at the bottom of their page and, just to double check, I called twice.
      I look forward to getting down there, perhaps Tuesday.

      1. re: amy_rc

        Thanks for trying! If money wasn't murdering me right now, I would've tried it already.

        1. re: amy_rc

          Based on the blog on the website, looks like their liquor license will be coming in August. I would expect that they will expand into dinner and weekends then.

      2. We went there for lunch today and spoke with one of the owners. Currently they are serving lunch only, M-F; there will be dinner and weekend brunch once they have a liquor license, sometime this month. Definitely by August.

        I like the food: fresh, well-seasoned and thoughtful. I had a salad with lardons and egg. My only complaint is that the eggs were boiled: it would be considerably better with a fried egg, although that might be a harder "sell" in KC. The potato-leek soup is lovely and the generous cup serving surprising. I may be having this for lunch next time I go.

        I'm dying to try the "chicken fried duck"... unfortunately my husband had the chicken salad, so I couldn't steal a bite. He liked his sandwich, though.

        We'll definitely go back.

        1. I finally ate lunch there and I'm happy to report the pulled pork sliders had an Asian twist to them w/the Thai basil and cucumber relish. The homemade ketchup was good, but the fryer's oil needed to be cranked. The fries were rather soggy. I liked my blueberry pie and the gazpacho was just ok. The patio is pretty nice w/all the tree shade. Now, if they could just keep all the bad mojo from the previous tenants at bay...

          1. Had brunch there. It was da bomb! Can't wait for dinners.