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Jul 9, 2009 06:15 PM

Chicken Cheesesteaks?

Hopefully this is not a blasphemous thread to my Philly brethren, however, I do enjoy a good chicken cheesesteak. Since I am trying desperately to give up meat, my one weakness is a good chicken cheesesteak. I've had several burbish varieties, including my current favorite, Pudge's. Yes, not only does Pudges make a great cheesesteak, but their chicken cheesesteak is actually better. There, I said it. All white meat, and packed to the rim of the roll. That being said, what are some of your favorites?

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  1. My vote goes to Pudge's too.

    1. Hmm. Maybe I'll try one tomorrow night. Is everyone finding their new location okay? I've never had a chicken cheesesteak but sounds like this is the best place to give one a try.

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        It's right next door in the little strip mall from their old location. A little nicer and more tables. It's terrific. You won't be sorry!

      2. Giving up meat is a difficult mission. It's much easier to reduce meat significantly. I suggest the latter as a potentially life-saving commitment to oneself. Plus, discipline in any area serves as an ego builder. Some local restaurants offer incredible salads and veggie platters. One of the restaurants in Plymouth Meeting mall offers such fabulous grilled vegetable sides, that I often order several grilled vegetable sides in place of dinner and have never been disappointed.

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          The OP was looking for favorite chicken cheesesteak spots. Didn't see one in your post?

          Pudge's is my favorite.

        2. Phil's Tavern in Broad Axe has an awesome Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak - great paired with a cold one!

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            Pudge's is pretty good, but I'm a big fan of Steak and Hoagie Factory's chicken cheesesteaks.

            I'm not a fan of the chicken cheesesteak at Phils, pales in comparison to how good their actual cheesesteak is.

            The chicken cheesesteak at Lee's in Blue Bell is also good.

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              I will have to try the Steak and Hoagie Factory in Warminster. Thanks for the heads up.

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              The Buffalo chicken cheesesteak at the divey little hole-in-the-wall at the corner of 47th & Baltimore is pretty good, but there's no beer to make the comparison with Phil's Tavern. :)

            3. Try Sun Valley Pizza in Narberth.

              Excellent chicken cheesesteak: white meat chicken with Monterrey jack cheese and with mushrooms onions and bell peppers served on a substaintial roll.

              They also have other good chicken (and veggie) sandwiches.