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Chicken Cheesesteaks?

Hopefully this is not a blasphemous thread to my Philly brethren, however, I do enjoy a good chicken cheesesteak. Since I am trying desperately to give up meat, my one weakness is a good chicken cheesesteak. I've had several burbish varieties, including my current favorite, Pudge's. Yes, not only does Pudges make a great cheesesteak, but their chicken cheesesteak is actually better. There, I said it. All white meat, and packed to the rim of the roll. That being said, what are some of your favorites?

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  1. My vote goes to Pudge's too.

    1. Hmm. Maybe I'll try one tomorrow night. Is everyone finding their new location okay? I've never had a chicken cheesesteak but sounds like this is the best place to give one a try.

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        It's right next door in the little strip mall from their old location. A little nicer and more tables. It's terrific. You won't be sorry!

      2. Giving up meat is a difficult mission. It's much easier to reduce meat significantly. I suggest the latter as a potentially life-saving commitment to oneself. Plus, discipline in any area serves as an ego builder. Some local restaurants offer incredible salads and veggie platters. One of the restaurants in Plymouth Meeting mall offers such fabulous grilled vegetable sides, that I often order several grilled vegetable sides in place of dinner and have never been disappointed.

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          The OP was looking for favorite chicken cheesesteak spots. Didn't see one in your post?

          Pudge's is my favorite.

        2. Phil's Tavern in Broad Axe has an awesome Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak - great paired with a cold one!

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            Pudge's is pretty good, but I'm a big fan of Steak and Hoagie Factory's chicken cheesesteaks.

            I'm not a fan of the chicken cheesesteak at Phils, pales in comparison to how good their actual cheesesteak is.

            The chicken cheesesteak at Lee's in Blue Bell is also good.

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              I will have to try the Steak and Hoagie Factory in Warminster. Thanks for the heads up.

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              The Buffalo chicken cheesesteak at the divey little hole-in-the-wall at the corner of 47th & Baltimore is pretty good, but there's no beer to make the comparison with Phil's Tavern. :)

            3. Try Sun Valley Pizza in Narberth.

              Excellent chicken cheesesteak: white meat chicken with Monterrey jack cheese and with mushrooms onions and bell peppers served on a substaintial roll.

              They also have other good chicken (and veggie) sandwiches.

              1. I usually only get chicken cheesesteaks to try to save calories. I love Pudges as it seems everyone else does. Chubby's in Roxborough makes a good one too, although it has been a few years since I have had one at all. (the calorie saving thing).

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                  I don't really think you are saving any calories with chicken over beef. Fried in grease on a griddle with cheese? I have to think the damage is going to be about the same.

                  I saw a Jamaican jerk chicken cheesesteak being made at a shop near me. Slathered the chicken with jerk sauce and hacked it all in together. It looked great. Next time.

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                    I used to go to Jim's on 291 in Essington when working nearby years ago. They did some great chicken cheesesteaks, including a Jerk one, but my favorite was a chicken cordon bleu steak. Chicken steak, ham, onions, and swiss cheese. It was ridiculous!

                2. it's not at all a true chicken cheesesteak, but i do on occasion like the chicken Caesar steak from nifty fifty's
                  also i think it's gianna's grille has some vegetarian cheesesteak options if you feel so inclined to try...

                  1. I appreciate that people like Chicken Cheesesteaks but the true Philly chicken sandwich is the chicken cutlet. Try Tony Luke's or Shank's when it reopens.

                    1. i enjoy the chicken cheesesteaks at dalesandro's in roxborough - i know they've changed a bit but i still find them incredibly good.

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                        Has anyone tried Ishkabibbles on South Street? I'm going to be there on Sunday visiting my daughter. I hear mixed reviews.

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                          Not the best. Not the great. (But then, I'm not a cheesesteak person, chicken or otherwise.) Great cheese fries, though, if you're into that sort of thing.

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                            I think their chicken cheesesteaks are great, they use fresh pieces of chicken breast instead of frozen sheets of shredded mystery bits. I recommend the BBQ chicken cheesesteak with onions, peppers and provolone. And their gremlin (grape & lemon) drink and fries are wonderful, too.

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                              i used to love ishkabibble's chicken cheesesteak's, haven't had one in ages. that will change very very soon now. :D

                        2. I really like Gianna's Chicken with Bacon, Spinach and Ranch dressing. They are very big and wet though--I like them, but you practically need a bib.

                          1. Funny, but I think we "Phladelphyans" are willing to tolerate the various permutations of the chicken cheesesteak much better than we can tolerate (or even understand) riffs on the traditional cheesesteak. I view a chick cheesesteak as a different, but related, animal altogether than a regular cs. I like a good buffalo (tanks, Phil's Tavern), and even a good chicken caesar (more like a hoagie). I'd even be willing to try othey twists.

                            I agree that Steak & Hoagie Factory does a good job. I haven't had one at D'Alie's of Chubby's lately, but I used to love stopping there on the way to the ball park.

                            1. In a blindfold test, try to distinguish between a chicken versus beef cheesesteak. They taste the same even if you want to insist that they don't. Now compare the nutritional values between the same. The chicken cheesesteak results in only one less gram of fat. My assessment? Variety is the spice of life, but don't kid yourself into thinking that a chicken cheesesteak is any healthier than beef. If you're in the Roxborough area, stop at Pina's Pizza Restaurant on Ridge Avenue near Bells Mill Road. Excellent cheesesteaks -- both chicken and beef -- and cheap!

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                                Pina's? Is that in the Andorra Shopping Center? I'll have to try it next time we are on the way to the ballpark.

                                I never had any illusions about a CCS being heathier than a BCS -- by the time you get all of those extras piled on top, your arteries clog and your sodium levels skyrocket just looking at it. Also, there's something so not right about a buffalo beef cheese steak or a beef Caesar cheese steak. I may be a food whore, but I've got my standards (grin).

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                                  PattiCakes, it's clear that you enjoy food. (Perhaps we're twins and don't know it!) That's why I want you to stop at Pina's in the Market Square Shopping Center (one block east of Bells Mill Road). Their cheesesteak sandwiches are excellent in my humble opinion. Their shrimp scampi appetizer or steamed clams rate just as high, and I often go that route when I want something a little less heavy than a sandwich. The prices at Pina's Pizza Restaurant cannot be beat.

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                                    You HAD to do it. You HAD to get my mind/stomach traveling down that path. Pina's is now on my list. I will be able to one-up DH by my "find". chortle, snicker.

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                                  You're out of your mind. The texture is completely different. Forget the many cheesesteaks that use whole or slightly chopped beef slices--even fully chopped beef steak a la Delassandro's has a different texture than chopped chicken. And the flavor is different too. Prov + beef does NOT taste like Prov + chicken. Maybe if you drench your sandwich in whiz and ketchup they taste the same.

                                  I agree with you about the nutrition thing though. I think chicken breast may have slightly fewer calories per ounce than steak but it is negligible once you start piling on cheese.

                                  One other thing--chicken cheesesteaks take longer to cook than beef so if you're really hungry or in a rush, keep that in mind.

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                                    lol! I agree. There is a world of difference between chicken and beef cheesesteaks. I'm actually starting to prefer Chicken thanks to Pudges. They spoiled me! For the record, I'm not really thinking healthy when ordering either.

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                                      The Chowhounds have proved it once again -- there's nothing like a good debate to spark one's appetite !! Now where did you say the best cheesesteak can be found? (grin)

                                  2. I always enjoy the chicken cheeseteak or buffalo CCS at Little Sicily in Bridgeport if I'm in the burbs.

                                    1. I love Pudge's chicken cheesesteak and if I didn't live thousands of miles away, I would be eating one right now.

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