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Jul 9, 2009 05:53 PM

Good Indian betw. West Palm & Ft. Lauderdale?

Any recs for Indian in the Delray Beach / Boca area? Don't want to have to go as far as Miami! Let's say between West. Palm & Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks!

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  1. Hands down, The Pelican in Lake Worth.

    It is a breakfast/lunch/Diner joint in Lake Worth, but they open every Friday evening and serve Indian cuisine. They do this for fun and the food is simply amazing and it is always PACKED. People wait all week just to hit up this place because they are only opened for such a limited time.

    I have been in SoFla all my life, and no place matches this place in the region/state. Its far above the typical brug ull find in chicago/houston and nyc too.

    I wish there were dishes to recommend because they are all good. Nihari is always good. You will find some amazing goat/lamb dishes, samosas, etc. Owners are always there on site every night. You are gaurenteed to have a good night.

    Oh yeah, did I mention they are a breakfast joint. Amazing wholewheat blueberry panckaes. Ommeltes are to die for too. In the daytime, they do some Indian/American Diner fushion specialities which are DELICIOUS. Try the Keema Ommelete! To die for.

    610 Lake Ave.
    Lake Worth FL 33460.

    check it out. peace.

    1. If you pick around the menu at Curries and More on Palmetto and Federal Hwy you will find some reasonably good Indian food. Their Chicken Tikka Masala is good. I have tried a few other dishes which were ok. Do not bother with their naan bread - I don't know what it is but it sure ain't naan as I know it.

      There is the Punjab on Federal but I think it's pretty bad and everything looks and tastes the same with frozen peas and carrots (carrots!!).

      1. Royal India @ 3801 Griffin Road Ft Lauderdale has gotten high marks from several of my friends. I've only done the lunch buffet, which was good - esp. the bread -
        Don't know if the dinner will hold a candle to the previous recommendation though.

        1. India House in Plantation on University has to-die-for naan bread and dal makhani (black dal). My friend swears by Bombay Cafe on North Andrews near Oakland Park Blvd. but I haven't been there. It's on my to-do list!

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            I have been to Bombay Cafe in Ft Laud, not bad but it's hard to compare any Indian I have been to in the US with what I am used to in the UK. I must try Madras if I can find an American to come with me!!

          2. Read all about Taj, Madras, Bombay, Punjab etc in these threads...




            Madras Cafe in Pompano, I would say, is the consensus "winner" here. Not EVERYONE'S top choice, but overall I'd say that gets the most consistently favorable comments.