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Jul 9, 2009 05:41 PM

Scotch Paradise

Thanks to some suggestions from other Chowhounds on an old thread, I have a new favorite liquor store: Wine & Liquor Depot, on Saticoy in the Valley.

It is scotch paradise.

It is good at many things, but it's sort of mega-insane-crazy-wonderful scotch wonderland. Weird rarities. Special releases. Gorgeous oddball stuff. It's the Amoeba Records of scotch. Scotch-lovers who haven't been may wet themselves once they discover the *second* full aisle of scotch.

Very reasonable prices, too, and it's become my bourbon-seller of choice. Also, one of the only places I've ever seen Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate vodka, which is flavored vodka for asshole snobs like me that would never consider drinking flavored vodka in a million years. Like looking into the soul of a cocoa bean, on acid. (Sadly, I haven't seen it there recently.)

Beverage Warehouse in Marina Del Rey is my other favorite. They're the joint for an incredible, unexpectedly deep selection of rums and vodkas. Best joint for agricole rhums (made from cane sugar! weird anise and sencha notes! cool!) and a really, insanely deep selection of vodkas. New American vodkas. Strange Eastern European vodkas. Van Gogh vodkas and Charbay vodkas, which are the ones that if you're a bourbon-and-scotch drinker and you think vodkas are for imbeciles, well, they're the ones you should try. (

Those two are really doing it for me.

But really: Wine & Liquor Depot. Scotch paradise. Totally cool.

Also, for those of you keeping score: it's an easy dash from two of my current favorite heartthrob restaurants, Puro Sabor and Priyani Oriental Cafe. Also near the rock climbing park. There's a full day for y'all.


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  1. Try Mission Liquor on Washington and Allen in Pasadena. Great selection of whiskys and Tequilas.

      1. Puro Sabor, Scotch, and Rock Climbing ... hopefully not in that order ;-)

        1. Just want to chime in my agreement here. W&LD has one of the best Scotch selections in the country, particularly with regard to independent bottlers (companies that buy single malt casks and bottle it on their own). They have recently also expanded their American whiskey selection and their prices are more than competitive, they are often the lowest around. Aside from whiskey, they have good selections of brandy, Tequila and mezcal.

          The only store I see as really competing with them on selection is Hi-Time Wine down in Costa Mesa, which has a particularly good American whiskey selection.

          1. Thi - good post. It has been my vodka store of choice as well, since Ciroc in the 1.75 bottle is $48.95 or thereabouts. But as you say, the scotch, vodka, whiskey and tequila selections are just immense - kid in a candy store might be a phrase to satisfy.
            And while they do have a fair wine selection, stick with the liquors and shop on!

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            1. re: carter

              Agreed. The scotch selection is fantastic. However, while it is not great, the wine selection is reasonably priced and decent.

              1. re: carter

                Carter - if you haven't been, go to Beverage Warehouse. Their vodka selection is maybe... twice as big as WLD? Maybe a little more? BW also has lots of little-known, but completely glorious bargain eastern european vodkas.