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Jul 9, 2009 04:04 PM

Going to Yasuda tomorrow - what to order??

I'm going to Yasuda tomorrow for a special occasion and was wondering what/how we should order? We will be sitting at a table and from all the reviews I've read, this seems like a really different sushi place. Any suggestions?

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    1. Sea Urchin (make sure it's from Santa Barbara). Period. I won't eat it anywhere else. You should also try the white king salmon, it melts in your mouth. Lucky.

      1. completely agree with thew.
        you will be so happy you did.
        if you can sit at the sushi bar.

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        1. re: clubu

          I've been several times, but have never been the one to pay. Is $200 total enough for two people to have a good experience at the sushi bar?

          1. re: lucyj

            Maybe $200 before tax and tip and without drinks. Depends on how much you eat as well.

            I recommend the peace passage oyster, the scallop roe if they have it, and the Mirugai.

        2. Peace Passage oysters, wonderful selection of eel.