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Going to Yasuda tomorrow - what to order??

cups123 Jul 9, 2009 04:04 PM

I'm going to Yasuda tomorrow for a special occasion and was wondering what/how we should order? We will be sitting at a table and from all the reviews I've read, this seems like a really different sushi place. Any suggestions?

  1. MMRuth Jul 11, 2009 05:27 AM

    Peace Passage oysters, wonderful selection of eel.

    1. c
      clubu Jul 10, 2009 04:18 PM

      completely agree with thew.
      you will be so happy you did.
      if you can sit at the sushi bar.

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      1. re: clubu
        lucyj Jul 10, 2009 11:33 PM

        I've been several times, but have never been the one to pay. Is $200 total enough for two people to have a good experience at the sushi bar?

        1. re: lucyj
          Notorious P.I.G. Jul 11, 2009 09:45 AM

          Maybe $200 before tax and tip and without drinks. Depends on how much you eat as well.

          I recommend the peace passage oyster, the scallop roe if they have it, and the Mirugai.

      2. viniferaNYC Jul 9, 2009 04:46 PM

        Sea Urchin (make sure it's from Santa Barbara). Period. I won't eat it anywhere else. You should also try the white king salmon, it melts in your mouth. Lucky.

        1. thew Jul 9, 2009 04:25 PM


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