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Jul 9, 2009 04:00 PM

mini Review: Mario's Deli

I was in Glendale today and made a point of trying Mario's Deli as I've seen it compared, recently favorably, to Bay Cities, my local go to.
I didn't want to ask a bunch of annoying questions; I just wanted to order an Italian sub--something like the Godmother or Poor Boy.
I ordered it with everything but mayonnaise.
I opened up the big package with much anticipation and saw, surprisingly, a third layer of bread in the middle of the sandwich. What is that? There's barely enough meat for the normal roll. I took out the middle section and went to it. I was disappointed to find no pickles or Italian dressing. It was busy and I didn't feel like going up there to ask for them. With Italian dressing, pickles and some peppers, I'd compare it to and put it just below Dan's Super Subs. I don't love Dan's bread, but it's better than Mario's soft flavourless roll.
Even with the extras, it wouldn't come close to the sandwich at Bay Cities because of the far superior Bay Cities roll.
I will say that the tomatoes are better at Mario's--Bay Cities' tomatoes that they reserve for sandwiches are awful, tasteless, end pieces.

I had a Poor Boy this weekend, made by Larry, the best of the sandwich makers, that was as good as Bay Cities gets. Perfect amount of meat and acoutrements. Still warm freshly made roll.

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  1. At Mario's they cut the roll so it appears there's a third slice of bread, but I think it prevents the ingredients from sliding around and out of the sandwich while you're eating it. I never order it with mayo and always ask for Italian dressing. Think the mayo they use is a mixture of mayo and mustard.

    Agree Bay Cities has a better roll, but I didn't think it was that much better than Mario's or Eastside Market.

    Mario's Italian Deli & Catering
    740 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205