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Jul 9, 2009 03:40 PM

Doylestown - Dining Solo

Where are good places to dine solo in Doylestown? It seems some places are more friendly to solo diners then others.

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  1. I'm curious about your speculation that some establishments are more friendly to solo diners than others. Have you heard negative tales from solo diners? I often dine alone and cannot think of one incident where being solo was to my detriment. Do you perceive differences between the way male and female solo diners are treated? If so, kindly explain.

    As for Doylestown, I've been to Domani Star and Honey (albeit with a date) but can't think of why you would not be happily greeted and your needs well attended at either place.

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      It's more comments I've received, like "Is it really just you?" that just seem to irk me a bit. It makes me seem to eat mostly lunches out solo then dinner, since at least that way it looks like I might be working. Dinner solo seems to just give me this feeling that people feel sorry for me if I don't have anyone dining with me.

      I've been to Honey as well, (not solo,) and that is my favorite restaurant. Don't eat there much though because of the cost, and probably wouldn't eat there solo, since that wouldn't work with the small plates-sharing thing they have going on there.

    2. I also seem to get take-out a lot, then actually eat in, so any good take-out suggestions would be welcome as well. I really like Cafe America, Lilly's, and Nat's if I want something "junky." Anywhere else?

      I plan to try Hot Spot in the near future. Found the menu online and they have moussakka, will love having that and spanakopita for dinner one night in the near future.

      1. When I'm by myself I often eat at the restaurant's bar.

        Try the tasting menu at the bar at Slate Bleu.

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          For takeout, I'd also like to add Smokin' Lil's.