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Jul 9, 2009 02:47 PM

MIA: Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less than $10?

I love fine dining as much as the next guy. However, for a good and inexpensive lunch or dinner I always flock to the same few places. I was hoping to get a good thread going on delicious dishes for under $10 in the Miami area. Please list your favorite dish, the price, and the restaurant you get it at. Thanks for sharing!!

I'll start first...

The Camaronera Sandwich (Fried shrimp sandwich on cuban bread with onions and a spicy sauce) -- $5 -- La Camaronera on Flagler and 19th ave

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  1. Boteco-chicken heart skewers-7/8 grilled hearts with salsa and farofa for $2 NE 79th St. Eat more than one...

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      Can't wait to check this place out! As a little kid my grandfather used to make us chicken heart skewers. My brother and I would fight over them. Haven't had them in years.

    2. Dim Sum at Kon Chau. At about $3 a steamer 3 will do you well. Bird Road and 84th Avenue

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        I'm amazed that I've never heard of this place. So close to the house and I've never been there. Thanks for the post!

      2. ropa vieja - el palacio de los jugos

        1. Sopa de Caracol - El Atlakat - various locations in Dade - Conch Stew - Salvadoran Style - Fridays

          Turkey & Brie/Salami & Provolone/Antipasto@ La Sandwicherie - French Hoagie Hut - South Beach

          Turkey Tuesdays - S & S Diner

          Fish Tacos - Ver Daddys

          Pollo Asado (ask for the breast!) - Puerto Sagua

          1. The falafel pita at Pita Spice on Washington St, Miami Beach, loaded with everything including hots. I think its about $7.

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              Bombolinos and pretty much everything else at martarellos

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                That Matarello's is a nice find!