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Jul 9, 2009 02:22 PM

Best recs. for bars in/near Wells, ME

Hello. I have an upcoming trip to Wells, ME with my sisters and mother to celebrate my 30th and we'd like some recommendations for fun bars to go to. One of my favs. is Bentley, Arundel, ME and I was hoping to get a few more suggestions to check out. Thanks alot. Once we are back I will give a run down of how the weekend was.

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  1. If you're a sox fan you'll probably enjoy Vinny's, and there's a new Irish pub in town called Fiege's or something like that.
    Down on Cape Porpoise there's a nice place called The Ramp, right at the Pier, but you'd need a designated driver to get back to's a bit of a hike.

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      Thanks so much. I appreciate it. One question. Did Vinny's reopen or are they seasonal? I have been to Wells and the place never looks open.

      1. re: soxphan11

        Maybe they're seasonal...I'm not sure....but we were in Ogunquit in early June and there was a Vinny's and a Vinny's Too, both open.

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          There's a place on Rt.1 called Beachfire bar its different because you can sit out doors around a large fire pit,and have your drinks.Also Vinnie's is open. Ive been there many times and have always liked it. If your a red sox fan its the best place to go when there is a game on. You can eat at the bar or they have 3 dinning rooms and an outdoor patio if you want and the weather is nice.(not like it has been in NE) They serve a great salad with the house dressing that is great it you like a combination of vinegar and oil. Its really called Vinny's east coast bar and grill. its just down on the right past the Lobster pound restaurant on the same side of the road. Lets just say its not like Johasha's but it is good food.