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Jul 9, 2009 02:19 PM

Dipping or schmearing sauces & toppings for sushi & sashimi

Obviously shoyu (isn't there a word for shoyu used for sushi?) and "wasabi" are ubiquitous. There are others, such as ponzu or eel sauce. Sometimes a swipe of a citrus. Some toasted sesame seeds or green onion. Various additions that add a subtle edge.

Pretend I know little - not a stretch. What goes with what, either classically or new? (I'm not interested in strong stuff, like hot sauces, unless there's something that can hold up to it.)

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  1. don't forget spiced up Kewpie mayo for the various "spicy" rolls (e.g tuna, scallop)...and "dynamite" sauce.

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      Which ingredients can hold up to the strong flavor of a hot sauce? I'm a simple guy; spicy rolls are common way to use mediocre fish or other ingredients and/or rice. I'm paying the big bucks for great rice and fish, etc.

      That's not to say that I always eschew (and how often get to say that?) spicy rolls or cutesy named complex rolls that have become so common to the point of popular prominence. A good way to try them is with a group where you can have a piece or two. Is this a "dart board" roll? (Made up that term myself!) Do the individual ingredients "work" together?

      BTW, thanks Ross!
      Even a simple roll can benefit from a touch of something. Example: I love a good natto roll, usually with a touch of green onion. I like a *little* schmear of toasted sesame oil - the taste of the natto can hold up to it. One of these days I'll experiment with a little ginger or roast garlic. (Perhaps some lemon?)

    2. Yuzu Kosho is a mix of yuzu, chiles, and salt, that, well, it's unmistakable. Bitter and salty and hot, and in small amounts, a fantastic complement. I like it with white fish, but some people put it on everything.

      1. I can't remember who it was on this board but someone gave me idea of mixing soy sauce with mustard, and toasted sesame seed oil. I was trying for the dressing that they use at a place they cook Tappan style, and I love the dressing they use on their salad. It's just a little bit of iceberg and omg, whatever they do, its delicious. I use this all the time.
        Or mix mayonnaise, with a little mustard, soy sauce, sesame oil and ketchup. Delicious!
        Siraracha with mayonnaise, use to your hotness likeness.
        Wasabi and mayonnaise, you probably make this one already though... Me i like the hottest sauce I can find.

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          Richard 16 - random to put this in here, but not sure how to send you a message directly - any thoughts on good sushi in St. Louis? Looking for good fish and quality (not quantity and all you can eat). More of a sashimi fan than rolls so looking for great fish. Thanks

        2. if you can get your hands on mentaiko (spicy pollack or cod roe) then mix that with some mayonnaise.

          At a kaiseki restaurant recently the chef served chopped up salted kombu with sashimi. You can find it at most Japanese stores. His was of a higher quality but we tried it at home and loved the umami rich flavor and crunchy texture.

          Also, chopped up myoga is great.