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Jul 9, 2009 02:15 PM

Starbucks in the win column. Here me out...

I am not a fan, but for a mutually convenient meeting place they have it down. I normally just get an iced green tea and call it a day and save my coffee consumption for elsewhere. So I must admit today I was pleasantly surprised to see on the menu and then order the "Coffee Press". Its coffee of your chosing, then the beans are ground to order and served in a french press. Its not the tiny 1 cup press either. Its the large press with enough coffee to have the equivilant of 2 ventis or 4 talls - wow. And all for only $3.50. I am not saying I'll beat a path to their door but its a nice option if you have to go there. What makes it palatable is the fresh ground beans and price.

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    1. I give Starbucks their due as well. The clover press is very good, especially at locations where it is a popular order (where the barista is most likely to have the procedure down).

      Now, prepare for the inevitable onslaught of haters!

      1. They've always had a press pot as an option. It's just written on the menu now.

        I get it when the coffee of the day/week is something I don't like. Or to try a new (expensive) bean flavor.

        1. If you like the iced green tea, you should try the iced green tea lemonade. I usually get it unsweetened or partially sweetened.

          Thanks for the tip about the coffee press.

          1. Most often they'll do a French Press for me and charge me only for a Grande. If you get the chance, order the Ethiopian Sidamo in the FP. It's awesome.

            I was never a SB person. Mrs. Sippi was into the Latte's and the coffee did nothing for me. I would try and try and try. Then I hit upon one that I like and it was usually the decaf of the day. One day when they didn't have it, they offered to FP it for me. Slowly but surely I developed an appreciation for their coffee. The added dimensions from the FP really make a difference.

            We also had car trouble just outside Nashville one time. We coasted into a SB and found a place we could stop for the night using their free WiFi. Mrs. Sippi explained the situation to the barista and she offered us her cell phone to make a few calls. She just gave it to her. She couldn't even see the table I was at from the counter. First class service all the way. I became a huge fan of their just for that very reason.