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Starbucks in the win column. Here me out...

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I am not a fan, but for a mutually convenient meeting place they have it down. I normally just get an iced green tea and call it a day and save my coffee consumption for elsewhere. So I must admit today I was pleasantly surprised to see on the menu and then order the "Coffee Press". Its coffee of your chosing, then the beans are ground to order and served in a french press. Its not the tiny 1 cup press either. Its the large press with enough coffee to have the equivilant of 2 ventis or 4 talls - wow. And all for only $3.50. I am not saying I'll beat a path to their door but its a nice option if you have to go there. What makes it palatable is the fresh ground beans and price.

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    1. I give Starbucks their due as well. The clover press is very good, especially at locations where it is a popular order (where the barista is most likely to have the procedure down).

      Now, prepare for the inevitable onslaught of haters!

      1. They've always had a press pot as an option. It's just written on the menu now.

        I get it when the coffee of the day/week is something I don't like. Or to try a new (expensive) bean flavor.

        1. If you like the iced green tea, you should try the iced green tea lemonade. I usually get it unsweetened or partially sweetened.

          Thanks for the tip about the coffee press.

          1. Most often they'll do a French Press for me and charge me only for a Grande. If you get the chance, order the Ethiopian Sidamo in the FP. It's awesome.

            I was never a SB person. Mrs. Sippi was into the Latte's and the coffee did nothing for me. I would try and try and try. Then I hit upon one that I like and it was usually the decaf of the day. One day when they didn't have it, they offered to FP it for me. Slowly but surely I developed an appreciation for their coffee. The added dimensions from the FP really make a difference.

            We also had car trouble just outside Nashville one time. We coasted into a SB and found a place we could stop for the night using their free WiFi. Mrs. Sippi explained the situation to the barista and she offered us her cell phone to make a few calls. She just gave it to her. She couldn't even see the table I was at from the counter. First class service all the way. I became a huge fan of their just for that very reason.


            1. "What makes it palatable is the fresh ground beans and price"

              Well, that works if you like the taste and smell of burnt rubber.