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Jul 9, 2009 02:00 PM

Prerna - good Indian at Broadview/Danforth

I just stumbled across Prerna this afternoon and since I didn't see any reviews of it on the board, wanted to give it a shout out. I love Indian food, but I admit I am not gourmet-caliber in my knowledge. Still, this was one of the best Indian meals I've had in Toronto, and a deal!

If you eat in, they have thali -- nicely presented combination platters that contain a huge amount of food, for $8 to $10. You can choose from vegan, vegetarian, chicken, lamb, and maybe something else. The one I had came with butter chicken, aloo gobh (cauliflower & potatoes in ginger tomato chutney sauce), amritsari chana (chickpea dish), a veggie samosa, chutney, a cucumber/onion salad, rice, butter naan, and raita. It all comes nicely presented on a tray with little compartments for each item. It was all delicious --- my only very minor quibble was that the samosa seemed a bit doughy, but on the other hand it seemed less fried than others I've had so I liked that. This is definitely going to be a weekly lunch stop for me. (they apparently have even less expensive lunch specials, but I got there too late in the afternoon for that)

Atmosphere is nice -- small, clean, good background music, attentive service, a couple of outdoor tables. Also like their motto -- "Love yourself. Inspire others."

They've apparently been around just for 9 months. I highly recommend it! The brochure says they also do take out, delivery, and catering. It's across the street from the Broadview station (on Broadview) Website:

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  1. are they associated with magic oven? is it where magic kitchen was?

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      They are next door to one of my least favourite pizzas. Maybe I've got a downer on that part of town.

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        Yes they are. Same owners as Magic Oven, which I will not eat at. When Magic Oven opened the pizza was good, but they's been transformed over time into something far from the original product.

        Click the link below for the following text

        The husband and wife team of Tony and Abby Sabherwal who own Magic Oven are your proud hosts at Prerna. After years of providing Torontonians the healthiest pizzas, they have undertaken to offer you the most nutritious Indian food with the freshest blend of custom herbs and spices. (No MSG or artificial food colouring here).

      2. I've had their daily take-out special. It was disappointing. It tasted like typical buffet food, warmed well beyond its sell-by hour. The naan was not cooked in a tandoor. That being said, I saw thalis brought out to diners in the ubiquitous stainless steel dishes and they looked quite good. I was disappointed when I arrived home and reality and expectation were so far apart.

        1. I've been meaning to try this place.

          Maybe my food masochism will still induce me to drop by.

          1. I had dinner Prerna this weekend. I enjoyed it. I had one of the thalis, and the food was tasty, particularly the lamb curry. I really enjoyed the variety, esp. in a dish meant only for one person. There aren't many Indian restaurants in Broadview Danforth area, so this is a nice addition to the neighbourhood. Unfortunately I was the only customer in the restaurant while I was there, which isn't a great sign.