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Happy Hours past 7pm?

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  • Snaps Jul 9, 2009 01:59 PM
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Looking for a good happy hour place (decent drink/snack discount, not stuffy or collegey crowd) whose specials run past 7pm. Red Egg was looking great until I realized the deal ends at 7. Any ideas?

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  1. They have a happy hour special at Japonais that last all night long from Monday-thursday. $4 beers and specialty cocktails and $7.00 appetizers.

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      Sounds awesome, but I am actually looking for something for a Friday - I should have specified that, sorry.

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        Common Ground has happy hour on Friday until 8 pm. They have a very thoughtful bites menu.

    2. I'm pretty sure Red Egg runs until 8pm. So does the happy hour at Eletaria. Bamboo 52's ends at 9, though no snack discount.

      1. www.drinkdeal.com

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          Cool website - thanks!