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Jul 9, 2009 01:39 PM

Yonge and Clark - delicious, reliable, inexpensive

Have to rendezvous with someone tomorrow around dinnertime in the Yonge St. and Clark Ave. area (north of Steeles). I know there are lots of eating options in that area, but don't know which ones are good. Am open to (literally) any cuisine - need casual but delicious and not expensive. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. There's an indian restaurant at the bottom of the condo on the southwest corner of the intersection called the Indian Kitchen that is pretty good. I haven't been there in a long time, but I've seen good reviews of it. There are also a bunch of mostly Korean restaurants in the plaza at the northwest corner, can't comment on the price nor quality, however.

    Really, that's about it. Short of the Octagon ($$$) there isn't much along Yonge in that area.

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    1. Indian Kitchen is really quite good. I think it should be your first choice. I've been to Ginza Sushi in the same plaza and was unimpressed: sleek decor but food was about the same as Sushi on Bloor/New Gen but twice the price. I know a lot of people that like it, however. In the NW plaza, Sariwon is really popular for Korean BBQ (never been).

      Another plaza is on the east side at Yonge/Glen Cameron. Legend makes some really good casual Cantonese dishes, not up to the quality of some of the Hwy7 places, but they have amazing vegetarian options. I think there's a Shanghainese place also, and some other restaurants.

      If you're willing to go a little further afield to Yonge/Steeles there are a number of Persian places, eg Shomal/North in the plaza across from Centrepoint (on Steeles), Patough on Yonge across from Centrepoint, and Zaffron south of Centrepoint.

      Unfortunately, Dante's at Yonge/Royal Orchard has closed. Always liked that place.

      1. Over the last few years, I haven't been impressed with Indian Kitchen. Ginza is good, as suggested. If you want to venture south slightly to Steeles, then Steeles Deli is good, as is Sababa (both a couple blocks west of Yonge). Sushi Fun is good if you want all-you-can-eat sushi. Nino D'aversa is also there if you want very casual (order at the hot table and sit down). And of course, yes, Golden Star!

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          "Delicious, reliable and not expensive", you say? Sounds like you're talking about Steeles Deli, mentioned above, which is - in effect - a diner with a slightly Jewish twist to accommodate the many Jewish seniors who live in the area. It's in a plaza on the north side of Steeles just west of Yonge, diagonally across from a large Canadian Tire store on the south side of Yonge. Good soups, daily specials, classic comfort foods, all fairly priced and tasty. I'm partial to the main dish liver-and-onions plate, which comes with potatoes and veggies for about $13. Immensely popular with the locals because of its consistency - and modest price points. About a five-minute drive from Yonge and Clark. It's not licensed.

          Indian Kitchen, also mentioned above, is also quite good and fairly priced, but though usually good, it's not all that consistent. Better some days than others. They do a nice whole salmon, so long as they don't overcook it, which they tend to do occasionally. Last time I was there, I told them that they overcooked it again, I'd send it right back to the kitchen. It came perfectly cooked, which suggests that you have to be somewhat insistent. Most everything, though, is usually well presented and flavorful. It's not one of the great Indian restos in town, but it's good enough. Good service, easy parking, pleasant room. Licensed. It'll cost about $60-$70 for two, all in, with a beer apiece.

          I don't find the Persian spots along Yonge south of Steeles to be up to much. The fanciest one, Zaffron, is, in my view, an overpriced dud, unless you're into kabob dishes with too much rice and not enough meat. But it's certainly popular. It's a couple lights south of Steeles. In the same strip plaza as Zaffron, though, is Kenzo, a small Japanese ramen soup joint. Two can eat quite well - say, a substantial bowl of ramen soup apiece, plus splitting a tasty gyoza appetizer - for$30-$35, tax and tip included.

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            Totally forgot about one more that deserves special mention. Laterna is about 3 blocks south of Steeles on the east side. Great spot. It's family owned and run and a mix of greek/italian. If you go there, I'd strongly suggest the chicken in a pita. It's a home-made pita with a chicken kebab and all the fixings. Goes for about $8 and by the far the best thing there. Otherwise, pizzas are good, and they are also known for their gynormous salads (greek is the way to go).

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              juno's suggestion of Steele's Deli is a good one, as is SMOG's suggestion of Laterna. Laterna's most know for it's souvlaki on homemade pita, available with about 3-4 meat choices. There salads are generous as well.

        2. There are a couple of Italian places a few blocks north - Santos (Yonge & Royal Orchard) and Tutto Bene, a block further north, but you might consider them a bit pricey. I don't care to dine out Italian, so I've never been to either, but friends have recommended both places. In the same plaza as Santos is Royal Orchard Thai, a favorite in my family. Sageese's suggestion of Indian Kitchen is a good one. I have enjoyed it and many friends, including South Asians, like it as well. humuhumu has commented on the many Persian options a but south, and I can second the suggestion of North, at 1000 Steeles West. Here's a thread that discusses the Persian options in the area:

          I've been meaning to try the Korean barbeque place in the plaza just north of Yonge & Clark, as several friends have recommended it, but I've not had the chance yet.

          Personally, I'd avoid Golden Star. Some people find the banter of the guy that runs the place entertaining, but there nothing special about the food.

          1. Some of the good Korean options in the neighbourhood are:

            Located just north of Yonge/Clark on the west side. They have really excellent Korean BBQ. Excellent Kalbi (BBQ ribs). You cook the food right at the table which adds an element of fun - go with a bunch of people and you can order some of the meat BBQ, and add on the seafood (they have shrimps and mussels, or shrimps and squid I think).

            They have great side dishes too that come with it and in particular, I really love this Korean "Slaw" they serve when you order the BBQ.

            Cho Sun Oak
            Located in a small plaza on the East side - Britannia Pub, and Daisy Mart in the same plaza. They really specialize in Naeng Myun which is a bowl of cold noodles (they have some crushed ice in the bowl). It is fantastic on a hot summer day, and you will find this place packed in the summer.

            They serve 2 types: Bi Bim Naeng Myun which comes with the red pepper paste, and the Naeng Myun with soup (name escapes me at the moment). Not as hot and spicy as the Bi Bim type but really tasty. Their other dishes are really quite good too, but in the summer, the Naeng Myun is super popular.