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Jul 9, 2009 01:25 PM

Where oh where has it gone - Pimento's/Pizzaiola's in Calgary

Stopped by Bridgeland yesterday and noticed that where Pimento's/Pizzailoa's used to be, there is a Roma's pizza. Owner there said that the previous owners had been bought out. Roma's did not look good and seemed to be a travesty setting up in the same location as a place as good as Pimento's was.

Pimento's was our favourite pizza place in Calgary bar none before this - the residents in the condos in Bridgeland will know what I mean. That crust, that delicious sauce, those perfect toppings (their pepperoni was to die for). Not to mention the down-to-earth service and incredibly friendly owners.

The owners took so much pride in their pizza, they pre-measured salt and every ingredient precisely to ensure consistency and the perfect flavour. I even recall the first time we went, when they were basically closed due to catering a wedding at the local community centre in Bridgeland but made us a pizza anyways.

The story ended sadly in this fashion - Pimento's was owned by two brothers and a friend. One of the brother's trademarked the name "Pimento's" without informing the other brother and the friend in what seemed like a bitter incident, forcing the remaining two owners to try to change their name. They told us back in the spring that it would be "Pizzaiola's" and they were in the process of changing their menus and their sign to reflect this.

Then, only about a month after we were last there, we saw Roma's and were saddened by the sudden disappearance. Even the downtown Pimento's location has gone off the map.

Does anyone (specifically those in Bridgeland) know what happened? I would hate to hear that such great pizza artisans just took the money from an inferior pizza company and decided to call it quits. I would love for them to make us happy once again, maybe say in Aspen Landing (where my fiancee and I are moving to)? ;)

Until there's any news about it, R.I.P. Pimento's/Pizzaiola's. You will be missed.

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  1. Did you try the pizza at Roma's?

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    1. re: 23skidoo

      Nope - couldn't bear to try another pizza place that would open up in the same location, and the one pizza they had on display for sale by the slice looked unimpressive to say the least - an overly cheesy and bubbly mess.

      We were heading to Main Dish to grab food anyways, just noticed the complete change up there and popped in to see what happened. Sad.

      1. re: 23skidoo

        Actually I have. Their pizza is not bad. Thin crust. Their prices are not bad either. I think I had the marina pizza and I added an extra ingredient, prosciutto crudo (just because I wanted some meat on the pizza). Its worth a try.

      2. YEAH! I just found out Pimento's Pizza -- is once again available Friday and Saturday nights from brother 'Chef Mario'. He has tricked out a panel van as a mobile kitchen complete with a wood fired pizza oven --- and he brought it all to my house -- HOW FRESH IS THAT!. He is only working the Bridgeland and Renfrew neighborhoods for now and can be reached at 515-0065.

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        1. re: Pizza freak

          Thanks for the tip Pizza freak, we sought out Pimento's Pizza last night! Fresh, hot, and fabulous all apply. Fresh basil trims out great flavours. My Mom hadn't liked Pulcinella's for the overly browned/burnst crust, but she too loved "The Pimento's", and Mario. Fun personality.