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Jul 9, 2009 01:07 PM

Provisions open evenings with liquor license, But ....

Just a bit of news from the mixed bag department.

The excellent lunch spot, Provisions, will now now be open evenings until 23h (Friday and Saturday until midnight), but only for the months of July and August.

As well, it seems they have obtained the long-awaited liquor license, but will only feature Quebec wines.

When I saw it, the dinner table d'hote featured salmon, gnocchi, steak frites, and fish of the day, but I didn't have dinner there - yet.

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  1. It always seemed bizarre to me they'd only run a soup and sandwich kind of place. I'm glad they're going to be open on the weekends and for dinner.

    1. I am great fan of Provisions!
      I love that they bake their own bread and have received rave reviews in EnRoute magazine and local paper such as the Gazette and La Presse.

      Had dinner there a few times. It's delicious. My favourites are the Cavatelli with mushrooms, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in a white wine sauce, the salmon duo - tataki and tartar. I also tried the pan-seared cod on a bed of green beans and mashed potatoes and the chicken confit. All perfectly cooked and delicious.
      A must try at night!

      1. Excellent place. Simple and delicious. Went last night with a group of at least 15 people for dinner before the Just for laughs show. Had the Steak frites and chicken confit salad appetizer. The service is friendly and the food mouthwatering. Highly recommended.

        Lunch is also amazing. If you haven't discovered this restaurant it's a must to put on your list.

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          I definitely agree. A friend and I went for lunch, and from the moment that we started eating, all we could do was look up at each other and grin. They were out of the chicken confit sandwich, so we got the lamb sausage sandwich with their 'fries' - big chunks of perfectly roasted potatoes with an oniony housemade mayonnaise - and the bavette with a green salad. It was all just insanely good, and neither of us normally like beef, so the bavette really wowed us (though I did prefer the lamb sausage, if only slightly). We found it interesting that it took us coming to Qu├ębec to actually enjoy steak (we're from Alberta). The wait staff was also great; very friendly and helpful.

        2. Anyone know what happened to this place? This now a very vague note on their windows saying that due to circumstances beyond their control the restaurant is closed. Mysterious.....

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          1. re: jagbbq

            There was some discussion of this on the board, as I recall. It closed in late april/early May, but I suspect it just didn't make it.