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Jul 9, 2009 01:00 PM

Atlanta Bday Dinner Recs

Heading to Atlanta for my girlfriend's birthday and wanted to take her somewhere on the actual night of her birthday which falls on a Sunday. Problem is, lots of places I was looking at are closed Sundays. Ended up with reservations at Spice Market (both of us are Asian and Jean Georges fans) but I'd rather go somewhere local. Made res for Abattoir for Saturday and will probably go to Flip Burger on Monday before returning. Any suggestions for a Sunday dinner (and a Friday casual place) would be appreciated. Thanks much!

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  1. They have a Sunday Supper at Restaurant Eugene, I think that would be really nice.
    For Friday I would head to Virginia Highlands area, you have a lot of choices and a nice area.

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      You must've read my mind (kind of)! Researched and found JCT Kitchen and they have a Sunday Supper that's more a meat and three concept but with quality local ingredients. It sounded fun and casual which is our style (although the menu at Restaurant Eugene looks absurdly good and I'd go in a heartbeat) and also very Southern (it always strikes me as funny that, living in Miami, we have to travel north to get Southern food).

      As for Friday we'll probably go to Six Flags and leave in time to make it to Holeman and Finch for a late dinner. Is that a good choice?

      1. re: lax2mia

        Holeman & Finch supposed to be wonderful although I've heard it gets very crowded & no reservations taken. I definitely recommend JCT for Sunday Supper. I've been there only during the week for dinner & lunch but have been dying to try the Sunday Supper also!

        1. re: lax2mia

          I went to H&F for my BDay dinner a few weeks back 6/20 and had an amazing experience! I hear the menu is similar to Abattoir, and since you are going there, that would be the only downside. And I would think that for a late dinner the whole no reservations issue wouldnt be much of an issue at all. At about 930 on Saturday we waited maybe 10 minutes. And I think it will be plenty casual, lots of folks wearing jeans there when I went. (mostly with nice shirts and dress shoes, but jeans non the less)

          Have fun!