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Jul 9, 2009 12:51 PM

Any new and good pizzerias, Peninsula or South Bay?

After reading in the New York Times about the explosion of new places in New York, I began to wonder if I have missed any recent openings in my area. Let's say that "new" means opened after 2007 and you think the pizza is good.

Please help me find some new places to try -- pies or slices, any styles, dine-in or take-away -- from South City to San Jose.

Thanks in advance ~

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  1. If you enjoy stuffed pizza as it's made in Chicago, Paxti's in PA on Emerson is very good.

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      A bit further north, and also known for stuffed pizzas (unlike the ones covered in the NYT article) is Windy City in San Mateo. Not terribly new, but really tasty.

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        I was surprisingly happy with the "nanizza" at Mantra in PA a few weeks ago. At the "50% off happy hour" price it's worth a try. Really worth a try. I think Mantra comes in under the 2007 wire, although it's not a pizzeria.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks for these ideas. I'm looking forward to trying them -- Howard