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Jul 9, 2009 12:51 PM

Koo Koo Voodoo

My office seems to get food catered there for various lunches on a regular basis and I dread it. First of all, the chicken is always dry. I'm talking reading the phone book type dry. It's frustrating to speculate how tasty the chicken might be with something called moisture. hey also seem to offer no salsa or sauces (at least on the catering menu) that might add a little moisture. Also, the portions are tiny - the chicken pieces are small and the sides are doled out by the teaspoon and most are pretty greasy as well. They never include enough flat bread either. Honestly, if you really insist on eating here, order double the amount they recommend per person. To top it off, they never remember to include utensils, napkins or plates either. As much as I like to support small business and local business, I just can't with this restaurant. Their price point compared to quality and quantity is very askew.

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  1. Its been years since they turned out a quality product. El Pollo Loco on the other hand is always solid.

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    1. re: BSW6490

      the last time i looked, though, el pollo loco still felt that adding artificial yellow color to chicken was necessary. once i asked if it was possible to get the chicken without the color, and was told that it was not possible.

      1. re: westsidegal

        EPL is perhaps my favorite chicken in the low price category. I couldn't care less about yellow coloring either. As long as my chicken is moist, tasty, consistent and of course beef-free I'm happy. I like beef, and I eat beef, but what KFC did was despicable.

        1. re: OC Mutt

          not familiar with what kfc did, but, i try to avoid artificial colors in all my food. i would never warn folks about it in 'obvious' foods (i.e. yellow lollipops), but when it's used in what could be unexpected places (meat, poultry), seems like folks should be told.

          before i knew about the phoney color, i used to use EPL as one of my 'cheats' when i entertained large numbers of people. i would bring my own serving platters to them along with coverings and the EPL folks constructed very pretty arrangements of the chicken pieces.

    2. Just get Costco chicken and provide your own utensils - KKR has not been decent for 10 years. As to any side dishes, go to your local grocery store and grab stuff from the salad bar and that should suffice.

      1. koo koo roo, like 15 years ago, carried the most phenomenal eggplant/tomato salad... they discontinued it, along with their quality.

        you can get a shockingly similar eggplant salad at California Fresh on Westwood in Westwood.

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        1. re: Emme

          KFC use to have great ribs. As in, I was a kid and they were delicious.

          1. re: trojans

            the eggplant salad wasn't a kid thing... it was just good.

        2. I too used to like KKR, but now all our allegience goes to California Chicken Cafe- they have quite a few throughout the LA area. All of the sides are great and the chicken is just what you want- juicy and affordable :) This has become our go to for reasonable healthy food.

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          1. re: creamof

            I also used to love KKR, but aside from their squash side dish, we're pretty much done with it too. I think Dijon Chicken, a new small chain does a good job as well. I've used the West LA location happily for catering small dinner meetings. We'll try their other items soon!

            1. re: creamof

              Agreed. For close to the same price (CCC might be a few dollars more), you get such better quality. In the chicken and the salads. It's refreshing to see the rotisseries going non-stop, so you don't have to guess where your chicken was actually cooked. And their sides/salads are great. Oh, and the portions are pretty big. (I can't finish a combo wrap)

              1. re: schrutefarms

                Anyone ever try Flame Broiler? If not, any recommendations for KKR like, but actually good chicken for the Torrance area?

                1. re: OC Mutt

                  CAUTION ~ The following is an FYI, or simply a potential satisfing answer to your request for information, as I haven't eaten there personally myself (*) but have heard and read of it from others who have.


                  Solution ~ You need to try something completely different than the Mega-Chain Chicken abombinations !!!!!!

                  How about some Mediterranean (Turkishish actuallly or influnced) Chicken prepared under strict guidelines (Halal). They have $7.50 lunch specials, including chicken, and from thier regular menu for $10.99:

                  "...Roasted Half Chicken marinated with Mediterranean seasoning and baked slowly for a juicy inside and crispy outside; served With Hummus, Garden Salad, Pita Bread , Lentil Salad, and Rice Pilaf...."

                  I realize that the price point for Koo Koo VooDoo per person is probbaly less, but maybe 2 of thiers equals 3 from KK V-Doo? You would need to down-load their catering menu to see how and "if" it would fit the size of your office.

                  Is Hawthorne too far away to get Lunch catered from:


                  Maybe your office could send a small scouting party, including yourself since it would be your idea, to test their wares before ordering in for everybody ?

                  (*) Just another spot on my rather looooong to-try list.

              2. re: creamof

                I like California Chicken Cafe and Chicken Dijon. Only for the first time recently did I have an El Pollo Loco meal that was actually quite good and not dried-out. Koo Koo Roo... just scares me.

              3. i remember when Koo Koo Roo started on 6th & Mariposa 22 (!) years ago. Only one location and the owner has tight quality control on everything. I'd go in at least once a week for dinner and have a chicken breast, with sides of cucumbers and tomatoes in oil & vinegar and it was just so good. The original KKR closed with the riots in 1992, and its been downhill ever since. Sad because I can still remember how good it was when it started :-(

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                1. re: JosephEBacon

                  The only thing I get from Koo Koo Roo from time to time is macaroni and cheese to go. I remember when they used to have fresh carved turkey and incredible sides.

                  1. re: Galen

                    We passed two tonight downtown and both smelled odd. What a shame.