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Jul 9, 2009 12:49 PM

German/Polish/Hungarian meat in Charlotte?

Seriously, is there any place that has a good selection of (preferably homemade) sausages from Germany/Eastern Europe? Extra points if they have the Polish blood sausage with kasha.

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  1. It's not Charlotte, but the German Meat Market just of I-77 on Two Notch Rd. in Columbia is a good option that isn't too far away.

    1. Lets start with
      A&A International Food, 6721 E Independence Blvd 704) 531-1151
      Europe Food Store, 7022 Lawyers Rd ,(704) 536-3382
      Kalinka European Foods, 10403 Park Rd, (704) 542-2623
      Also there is a good german deli on 51 near Costco in a shopping center that I think has a large clock. I just cannot remember the name. It is worth finding, go for it.