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Jul 9, 2009 12:39 PM

Vegas Recommendations

Going to Vegas next weekend for a bachelorrete party with 9 girls. Saturday night we have dinner reservations at Koi, Friday night we are having a party in our hotel room so no dinner. I am looking for recommendations for:

Dinner Thursday night - not fine dining - more trendy, social atmosphere where we can share plates

Lunch Fri and Sat

Late night dining spots

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  1. Got a few questions. Type of food, cost per person, will you have car(s), and are you looking for strictly on the Strip or are looking for off the Strip? Taking cabs off the Strip gets expensive.

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    1. re: Eric

      I am open to type of food, cost I would like to keep moderate, no car and looking primarily for the strip but will go to other hotels right off the strip such as the Palms and Hard Rock, etc....Thanks for your help!

    2. Not that the food will win any awards, but 9 girls and social atmosphere...Tao is probably the best place for such. Food is good with some dishes actually being very good. But atmosphere...WINNA

      1. Agree with Tao for the kind of atmosphere you are looking for, but if you are also doing Koi on Saturday you might want to consider taking the food in a different direction. Mesa Grill (Caesar's) would be worth a consideration - a good place for a large group to get loud, and the kind of menu that is fun to share.

        1. I think we have decided on Mexican for Thrusday group dinner as the bachelorette loves margaritas and mexican food...I was told Pink Taco and Dos Caminos - any opinions about those?

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            The quality of Mexican food found on the Strip is only fair, but the vibe at Pink Taco may be exactly what your party is looking for (a much livelier atmosphere than Dos Caminos). You can get loud and let the tequilla flow.