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Jul 9, 2009 12:33 PM

E-A-S-Y, no brainer, Party Food for 100 ?

Does anyone have any super easy party foods that can be thrown together quickly and easily?

I don't have a lot of time to spend prepping and not a lot of money to order platters.

I'm helping out some friends with their party this weekend and feeling lost as to what to serve.

Planning on getting cheese, fruit and veggies... not sure what else to do.

Would love to do easy finger foods, but nothing terribly complicated.

Will be trying to do a couple dips (spinach/artichoke & hummus w/ pita).

All ideas are greatly appreciated!

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  1. if you have guys in the party, braise some boneless rib meat or meatballs (in decent chucks), and make a light slaw = mini rib sliders! and if you are really up to it, you can make your own buns, but totally optional..

    there is always spicy tuna sashimi cubes. super easy.

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      I did this for a party of 30+. A crock pot of pulled pork I made the day before, some mini party rolls from the grocery store, some coleslaw, a pickle slice and they disappeared.

      I also did mini burgers on the same buns and mini hot dogs using cocktail weenies, a cornichon wedge, a 1/4 of a cherry tomato and a teensy dollop of mustard.

      The crucial part of this was finding the mini party rolls. They came in sheets of 24 and I could slice and prepare whole batches at once. I even had my 11 year old niece making batches during the party.

    2. - meatballs (chicken, turkey, pork or beef) on toothpicks
      - mini salmon cakes (canned salmon is relatively budget-friendly, and the quality is certainly better than canned crab!)
      - black bean dip with corn tortilla chips:
      - baba ghannouj and muhammara are additional dip options for the pita chips

      1. Roasted baby bliss potatoes. Dip in sea salt and pepper, or cut in half and top w/ sour cream and...your choice - put out toppings, if you wish. If shrimp is on sale, get a few pounds and do peel and eat shrimp. Get small taco shells and set up a mini-taco bar (seasoned,cooked ground beef, chopped onions, iceberg lettuce, salsa, crema and you could splurge with a few avocados .) Get a fondue pot, select an appropriate sauce toput into it and let people dip raviolis or tortellinis.

        1. Bacon wrapped dates with almonds in the center are classic, easy...and taste darned good at room temp.

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            I make these for all my parties and my friends love them. THey take a little time to assemble, but I get my husband to help and then stick them in the oven and forget about them for a little while. They are finea t room temperature, and fabulous drizzled with chili oil after the fact.

            Also: I make crostini (or you could buy them), smear with mango chutney, top half with a piece of black forest ham and the other half with a slice of cheddar. These go over REALLY well.

          2. 100 people is a big crowd! Not sure if this is drinks and snacks or what, but do you need dessert? Mounds of cookies, store-bought ice cream, a couple scoopers, and people can make their own ice cream sandwiches.

            Softened cream cheese mixed with a good amount of semi-drained horseradish makes a great dip for pretzels.