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Zucchini and what do to with it all?

Ok Ruth L ... Gardening Post Starting new with zucchini, I couldn't pass up the chance.

There have been some many topics with zucchini and I for one am guilty. I am a huge fan. I could eat it breakfast lunch and dinner.

Also, I got around 20 total this past weekend, so I have been making zucchini all week. That along with with my Dads Mango tree I think I could live on 3 meals of zucchini and mango for the next few weeks. So Ideas and favorite recipes ... Let us know.

I make quiche or fritatta, bread, sauteed, fried stuffed zucchini and zucchini and spinach soup. I know I have tried quite a few and a few others I didn't name, but what are your favorite recipes. I am sure there are some great ones out there. Sometimes just the littlest change in a cheese or seasoning can make all the difference in the dish itself.

Let me know your favorite recipes.

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  1. you can cut the zucchini in noodle strips and stirfry and toss with some sauce to resemble "noodle salad"

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      I like that, soy, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and maybe sesame seeds toasted. Who knows? Nice thought

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        you can also blanch or saute the zucchini ribbons and treat them as a pasta stand-in, topped with a quick, fresh summer tomato sauce. a little garlic, some fresh basil, salt, pepper...finish it off with freshly grated Parm. you could also make it a more substantial, creamier sauce with goat cheese or fresh ricotta.

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          I have done ribbons but not like that. I love the ricotta and maybe some tomato. That sounds wonderful.

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            it's delicious - a perfect, light summer meal. let me know how you like it!

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            I was going to suggest something pretty similar: thinly sliced zucchini rounds (I love me my mandoline), sauteed in some butter & oil, add marjoram, thyme, chopped tomato, and grated romano. Or forget the herbs and add pesto and cream cheese, to make a delicious creamy sauce.
            To go in a completely different direction, the NY Times printed this recipe in April for zucchini pancakes with a garlic yogurt sauce that turns out pretty incredible: www.nytimes.com/2009/04/08/dining/081...

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          I just figured this out last night. I was making stir-fry, but wanting to avoid noodles. I was just going to throw sugar snap peas, pork, and zucchini together (sliced). I was wondering if it were possible to do just what you said when I remembered the last cooking class that I helped with. The chef had flipped the blade on the mandolin to the serrated side -- honestly, I didn't even know it was there -- to julienne veggies for a slaw.

          So, I thinly sliced the zucchini down, and it was a wonderful stir-fry noodle replacement. Just changing the texture elevated the dish.

        3. o! if you have company, you can make a grated zuchini cake with feta cheese, egg, and breadcrumbs/wheat germ, do a yogurt dip with 5 spice powder and a hit of chili pepper. it is really fun to eat.

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              er.. i kind of winged it last time, but here is something similar. i use part wheat germ and flour because i was on a diet at the time...


          1. my mother used to make zuchinni pancakes in the summer, I think it had parmesan, bisquick an egg... shredded squash. Kind of like a potato pancake. a little butter, a little juice from your tomato running into it...omg heaven. don't know why she doesn't make those anymore.

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              You know I I have zuchinni cakes but more just zucchini. Making a cake sounds interesting, and very easy.

              How about layers of zucchini pancakes, tomatoes and fresh goat cheese

              OMG, zucchini overload, Some great ideas with new twists.

            2. I was once invited over to a home-ec teacher's home for dinner. She made a gratin of zucchini (half-inch cubes), chopped sweet onion, and cubed velveeta, topped with grapenuts cereal, then baked. I am embarrassed to admit that I loved it - so maybe thinking about zucchini standing in for elbows in mac&cheese would be good.

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                I have to admit - I'll try just about *any* casserole that has zuchinni in it!

              2. A couple of things ... I was just telling MMRuth about a new zucchini and fava bean risotto recipe that I got (along with lemon and basil plus the regular risotto stuff like wine, shallots, stock, cheese) and she linked me to her zucchini 3-ways risotto recipe (see http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/628822 for my comment near the bottom and her recipe at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/441966 ).

                The other thing that we do that DH loves is zucchini and cheese on toast. Go figure - DH loves it 'cause it's loaded with cheese. It is basically grated zucchini, squeezed dry, with grated Monterey Jack or cheddar or combo, plus shallot, an egg, and a dash of Worcestershire. All mixed together then put on top of bread and popped in the oven until the top browns nicely. Served with a big salad, it's a great summer evening meal (esp. since the browning part can go in the toaster oven if need be).

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                  I make grilled zucchini, goat cheese, shallot and sundried tomatoes on a panini, it is a favorite. A bit odd, but it sure is good.

                  Like I said, I can eat it 24/7

                2. oh I too have the same dilema!

                  I almost posted on the same topic, but I've been waiting to see if anyone else did first.
                  Thanks kc.

                  Here's what I've come up with so far:

                  There was layered veg casserole, I forget what thread, but it was truly delicious. I layered with zukes, yellow squash, fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, and eggplant. covered with cheese, mozz and fontina, finished mushrooms and caramalized onions and more cheese - finely grated parm. This is a meal in itself.

                  And I so want to make the ravioli for a dinner and the freezer-these are delicious.
                  Zucchini ravioli, with fresh tomato sauce. serve with romano cheese and basil

                  Fried zucchini sticks - tempura batter with fresh tomato marinara sauce

                  And several sautees, with butter, parsly, oregano white wine
                  one with onions, fresh tomatoes and carrots
                  And an Asian take, of zucchini, onions, and pork in a brothy sauce with noodles.
                  Grilled zucchini and tomato quiche
                  Fritata with zuchini and scallions
                  Zucchini is wonderful fair for Asian dishes, and stir frys
                  Scallops with zucchini goes well here's a sort of paella dish I make, it's great with a salad.


                  Now to figure out what to do with 6 butternut squash and bunch of corn!

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                    Zucchini, I have fixed it but never ravioli, that sounds very interesting too. Zucchini, I got that one, I love them. The kids in the neighborhood loved them and never know. Aren't they wonderful.

                    The scallops sounds interesting with zucchini, something I haven't tried.

                    Maybe a creamed zucchini sauce over grilled scallops served over Grilled potato planks and fresh roasted tomatoes. Pretty colors, creamy and all fresh veggies with complimenting flavors. Maybe a weekend trial and error recipe.

                    Squash, soup, soup and soup... Just kidding I froze a bunch last year with same problem, Froze great, not so much for roasted, but for use in soups or stuffings. Butternut with wheat pasta and roasted asparagus and goat cheese was great and easy. The butternut made a cream sauce.

                    I made bread, stuffed with other veggies in zucchini or portabellos with celery onions, and other veggies eggplant which make a great rich stuffing.

                    Corn I could eat with the zucchini every day, lol. Roasted corn soup, corn patties or cakes which are wonderful.
                    Tomatoes stuffed with corn, red peppers, cilantro and a fresh garlic vinaigrette with pepper jack cheese and either grilled or baked. Wonderful side dish''
                    Pan creamed corn which I'm sure you have done, but it is still a favorite. I add some green chilies and a little cheese at the end and so simple but great flavor
                    Corn in my corn bread of course
                    And of course the tacky ...
                    Mexican casserole, layers of tortillas, corn, ground beef, salsa, cheese, veggie mix, etc. I don't care how bad it sounds, but I still enjoy it. It may make the worst casseroles, but I still like it.

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                      I've corn pudding using different recipes, but they both were too eggy. I am on a constant search for a light and dreamy corn pudding that an old friend made for me once. She received word she was being transferred and one of the spare moments I tried to get it from her. She promised it to me, and then soon there after I recieved the River Road Recipes, where she grew up. I made the corn pudding recipe,and it was not the same! 3 eggs is too many eggs. i've made a couple others I found,nope. Looking for more of a souffle, with cream cheese and jalapenos, cheddar and garlic in this dish...I might have to make it might self.

                      Hey! I like that casserole it sounds like a good one, are you kidding me?

                  2. Here's a link for Zucchini Bake that's close to the recipe we loved as kids (and sounds much like a variation on what jujuthomas mentions. It's very forgiving -- it just gets less firm the more zucchini you put in. But you can load it up with 4 cups shredded if you need to use them up. Seed the big ones. It's great on its own or as a side. Picnic, potluck fare.


                    Also, don't forget zuccanoes. There's lots of recipes on line, but they're all basically chopped flesh, onion, eggs, rice (I've often used beans as the filler), cheese inside and on top. If you didn't want to heat up the oven to bake them, cook the shells in the microwave, fill and do a stovetop heat-through or do a tin foil pack on the grill.

                    I particularly like Provolone with zucchini.

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                      Summer time is big grilling for me, but right now I should be cooking my quesadillas. It is pouring. So Wasting a bit of time till I can at least see (downpour) and then out to the store. One my cats will never forgive me without their dinner and two, need a cold beer to grill in soggy conditions and need new charcoal since the old is soaked.

                    2. If anyone is interested. This came from gardening when we ended up with zucchini's the size of what I called torpedos. Huge zucchini that the center was too mushy but the outside edges were good. I made long ribbons which you can still do with large zucchinis and then make a mix of ricotta and mozz and parm. I just did a light blend of all three. A little nutmeg, some oregano, and pepper. Spread it on the zucchini ribbon. Then I cooked zome onion, sundried in olive oil and mushrooms until soft. All diced fine and then spread that on the ribbons and rolled. I just put in a oiled casserole dish and baked. I would make two or three at a time, they were so easy. I loved to serve them with a simple marinara with fresh basil, nothing fancy. Also a hit and not hard, you can also stuff with any veggies you have, those are just my favorite. They looks like pretty little roll ups and just 20 minutes in the oven and gooey and done perfectly.

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                        Mmmm....we've done a close second with large zucchini - using it as the pasta in lasagna. So tasty. We also love zucchini bread, zucchini pancakes, zucchini and pea risotto, zucchini is soup, zucchini mac n cheese casserole, zucchini shredded with some blossoms in a quesadilla, and our two current favorite standbys are: the zucchini carbonara from Jamie Oliver (recipe on FoodNetwork.com and in Jamie at Home) and cubed zucchini with peas or corn or onion or whatever, all sauteed with a little garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe some thyme or oregano.

                        We could easily eat zucchini every day but have yet to get a zuke from our plants yet. Bring on the surplus!!

                      2. I look at stuffing zucchini (or other large squash) with a meat 'sauce' as kind of a veggie casserole.
                        Before stuffing, split the squash lengthwise, place cut side down in a glass baking dish with a small amt of water, cover and nuke until barely done. Scoop out the 'flesh', dice and add to the stuffing.
                        Stuffing = browned meat + mushrooms + sauteed onion, garlic + tomato sauce + oregano, other herbs/spices + parmesan (or other dry) cheese + cooked squash.
                        Stuff the squash loosely but generously, top with a little cheese and bake for ~30 minutes.

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                        1. re: DiveFan

                          Yeah I love the stuffed squash, seriously good. I have never did one with crab, every tried that. Did every other combo I think.

                          I'm wondering what seafood would be like.

                          1. re: kchurchill5

                            LOVE stuffing it with crab. definitely try it!

                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                              I think I have stuffed it with everything else, lol. I will have to try crab. Thx. Don't know why I haven't, just never did but sounds good.

                          1. My husband makes home-made gluten-free zucchini, mushroom, and eggplant pizza! I recently made Whole Meal Muffins which have a zuke and a banana in them.

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                            1. re: lgss

                              Do you cook the veggies first before putting them on the pizza? DH doesn't care for eggplant; but we'd totally go for zucchini and mushroom.

                              1. re: LNG212

                                We're vegan so he salts the eggplant, lets it sit for a while and lets it pull the moisture then rinse as a cheese substitute. If making personal deep dish ones to take for lunch the next day he does cook the veggies first, if making a regular pizza he cooks at least the mushrooms first.

                                1. re: lgss

                                  Other good toppings to go with zucchini include red bell peppers, broccoli florets, and/or fresh spinach!

                            2. Also wanted to add a recipe that I saw in Wednesday's Washington Post but I haven't made it yet.. Grilled zucchini and haloumi salad: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/re... .

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                                oh my. i *love* Halloumi. grilled, broiled...bring it on!

                              2. OMG there are so many great ideas. I have made tons of zucchini, but many new ideas I can't wait to try. Keep them coming I'm printing them all out.

                                1. Tomorrow am I am making my zucchini and spinach soup with some fresh FL sweet onions. Creamy good, fresh flavors. But I still have many more sore lots more to cook.

                                  1. Zucchini bread of course! When my grandpa used to grow vegetables and would bring over a whole shopping bag full of zucchini, my mom and I would get going on the zucchini bread. It freezes well for the times when zucchini's not in season. I just love zucchini bread. Though we had zucchini tonight cut in rounds with just a bit of olive oil, garlic salt, and cracked pepper and grilled until browned and served with crab cakes. It was yummy.

                                    1. Why do anything with zucchini but saute it in olive oil and eat it with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese? Hot, lukewarm, or stone cold, a summer meal in itself.

                                      1. I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but I love minestroni soup. I use a lot of zucchini in the soup when I make it. Actually my recipes goes with what's on hand, but I always add zucchini. Here's one of mine.


                                        And then as I was looking around I found an all green minestrone soup!
                                        That's a new one for me, but it looks good.
                                        Oh and another one the Mexican version, Turkey Albondigas - lots of zucchini in there too.
                                        I don't know if you like soups as much as I do but I now feel the need to make some!

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                                        1. re: chef chicklet

                                          wow, it's not zucchini time yet here in NH. Last year I discovered picking once a week was not often enough because there would always be one or two huge ones hiding under the leaves. Not one to waste anything, I discarded the seedy center and made the following from ONE big zuke: zucchini bran muffins, zucchini pancakes (more like carrot cake), zucchini chocolate cake, zucchini whoopie pies (big hit) and vegetable soup. Frozen, grated zucchini is great for winter recipes. The recipe ideas already posted or linked are terrific and will go into my zucchini file.

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                                            We've made a carrot/zucchini loaf. I think it's from Bette Hagman's Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread.

                                            1. re: dfrostnh

                                              You're almost there dfrost! I started seeing them in the MA farmers markets two weeks ago.

                                              1. re: MrsCheese

                                                MrsCheese, there's a single 2.5" zuke on one of the plants I started indoors that truly suffered during our cold spring. We are leaving for a short vacation. I better pick it Wed morning (we're camping so I'll be doing some cooking) or else it will be 2.5 feet by sunday afternoon.

                                                BTW I don't think I had my first zucchini until around 1974. It wasn't a well-known vegetable when I was growing up ... at least in our meat and potatoes house.

                                              2. re: dfrostnh

                                                One of my sons started an early garden here in Northern CA, he also bought me 12 ears of beauiful fresh corn! I was amazed his produced so soon, let alone the zucchini. So we have a really early start for gardens. My eggplants are small yet, and the corn that I planted will produce perhaps the end of next month. Meanwhile, I seem to be getting zucchini, yellow squash and butternut, every Saturday from him!!

                                                You too, thanks for the suggestions I need to make some zucchini bread, love that stuff.

                                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                                  I have 5 loafs, want some, lol.

                                                  I love it too, really. I use shredded carrots sometimes and walnuts which are a favorite. I also make a very savory one with friesh herbs, onions and thin sliced red peppers. all good and all different. It is awesome bread.

                                            2. i did an omlette once with zukes and yellow squash, tomato and onion. YUMMY.

                                              1. I saw this yesterday. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds great.



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                                                1. re: jill kibler

                                                  i remember seeing that episode of Tyler's Ultimate quite some time ago, and i still recall thinking the dish looked fantastic. incredibly simple, yet undoubtedly delicious. thanks for the reminder - i might actually have to make it now!

                                                2. Just made up two dishes yesterday. One was cornbread subbing lots of grated and squeezed zuke for the liquid. I did add a few drops of milk to bring it together, and a little grated flavorful cheese. Enjoying that with a parsley, jalapeno hummus. The second was a layered baked dish of sliced Yukon gold potato, zukes, onion and garlic, tons of various fresh herbs, grated cheese, sausage meat, and a splash of cream. Baked till all tender.

                                                  1. I forgot one I forgot one to mention I made a couple of weeks ago. I sauteed a thin sliced onion, shredded zucchini, and carrots. A little soy, garlic, s/p and boy was it good. It was so simple and good.

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                                                    1. re: kchurchill5

                                                      For any Asian dish I make , I don't shred it but I most certainly cut up zucchini and add it to almost every stir fry I make.

                                                      I make a pretty good chicken chowmein. It's probably called what is known as lomein on the East Coast. (still trying to figure out this difference). Anyway, I use it because its one of the most receptive veggies there is for added flavors. I love the way fresh zucchini tastes and the texture it has when sauteed. Its full of moisture and will hold onto the garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce or any sauce you add to the mix and I wouldn't make a stir fry without it.

                                                      1. re: chef chicklet

                                                        I have added it to many stir frys never lomein, but I haven't made that much at home. But definitely worth a try. I got the shredded recipe from a friend which is just simple and good. But may have to to do a lomein. Love the noodles to begin with. I have about 1/2 lb shrimp so that may be tomorrow dinner.

                                                        I only have 6 left. Had to buy some more at the market they looked so good. Also got eggplant and summer squash too. What can I say ... I'm a squash fanatic!!

                                                    2. My friend does a squash puree in the crock. I know it sounds off but she peels several zucchini and summer squash, onions and a small roasted red pepper along with small red potatoes. He cooks them all in the crock until soft in a little veggie broth with some herbs and garlic. One done he purees and then adds cheese, tops it with bread crumbs and bakes. He says it takes about 4 hours in the crock on medium to high. Never made but ate it and it was amazing!! He planned to use the puree it for soup but said it tasted so good he used it for a casserole. The casserole with some added parm and gruyere I believe was amazing.

                                                      I need to get the full recipe but he is traveling over seas so I can't get a hold of him. I would love to try it.

                                                      1. tonight I sauteed zukes and broccoli with red onion, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano. I made enough to have leftovers with 3 lunches this week! :)

                                                        1. Slice really thin and spray with cooking oil, little S+P, bake at 400 degrees in a single layer turning when browned...zucchini chips. Really tasty and when the water bakes out they shrink up so you'll use up a lot of zukes. This is easiest to do on a non stick pan or use some Reynolds Release alum foil.