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Jul 9, 2009 12:12 PM

Aster’s Ethiopian?

I'll find myself in that neck of the woods this weekend and the only place in RR I've eaten is Chuy's.

Having never had Ethiopian food before and this place being so close to where I'll be, I'm curious...

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  1. Do you mean Taste of Ethiopia in Pflugerville? Aster's is in Austin, off I-35, near Dean Keeton.

    I think Aster's is fine, but I find Taste of Ethiopia to be way better. Everything I've tried has been absolutely delicious. The injera is moist and tart, and much better for picking up the food than that at Aster's, and the spicing in the dishes is delicate and balanced. I highly recommend the veggie combo, so you can try a little of everything, if you're never had Ethiopian before.

    The owner is very friendly, and she'll help you pick what works for you.

    f I didn't live south of the river, I would probably eat there once a week, maybe more.

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      Nope. Looks like A.E. is right at the 45/135 hookup, which is right where I'll be working on the Haunted House (can't believe it's already "that" time again). The only things close to there are a REALLY HORRIBLE Chinese place, Taco Cabana and Luby's. I've never had Ethiopian food and since it was convenient, thought I'd give it a try. Was really looking for something decent, but convenient to the Haunt.

      1. re: amysuehere

        I can assure you that the map you're consulting is flawed. Aester's ( is several miles south of that intersection, while Taste of Ethiopia ( is relatively close to it. The source of your information seems to have them confused.

        I've been to both, and preferred Taste of Ethiopia. Next, I'll have to try Karibu (http://www.ethiopianrestaurantaustin....).

        1. re: ret3

          Well then. It's settled. I'm going to be taking a lunch break on Saturday. I'll do the buffet if they offer, but if not, what's a good starting dish? Only thing I can't stand the taste of is lemongrass.

          1. re: amysuehere

            I ate at the taste of Ethiopia a few weeks ago and had a great meal. The owner was such a nice lady. She came and sat down with me to explain the menue. She had made herself coffee in the traditional Ethiopian way. Gave me a cup to try and walked me through how she prepares it. Best coffee that i can remember having.
            I wish that i could remember the name of the dish that i had. It was spicy ground beef (served rare). It was great. The meat was freshly ground and of excellent quailty. (which was good because she wasn't joking about the rare, or the spicy for that matter) She put two other vegtable dishes on the plate to let me sample things. Her generosity shamed me into eating enough food for 4 people but i can say that i cannot wait to go back.

            1. re: Rivergoat

              Sounds like you had kitfo. I've had it there and it is indeed a great meal.

            2. re: amysuehere

              I've only had Ethiopian (and at Taste of Ethiopia to boot) but it was fantastic and I will definitely be back. I had beef tips and my wife had a vegetable stew (I can't remember the names of either dish). I actually preferred the vegetable stew; how can they make a veggie-only dish taste THAT good???