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Jul 9, 2009 11:58 AM

Can Anyone Help Me Out With The Hagerstown, Maryland Area?

Something, anything. Will be there Saturday night. Sandwich would be fine, if it were very good to excellent. Local, ethnic, whatever. Traveling solo, prefer down market than upscale.
Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      I reposted it on the D.C. at the suggestion of one of the responders and the Chowhound moderators moved it back.

      1. re: mrwaterslide

        No worries, just kidding around.

        Happens all the time!

        Wishing you happy and safe travels.

    2. I'm no Hagerstown expert, but I pass through now and then. I don't know of any great local places, but there are the typical chains - Olive Garden, Chilil's, etc.

      There is also a food court at the Prime Outlets shopping center.

      Hope that helps.