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cake for bachelorette

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i am looking for a cake for a bachelorette cake next weekend and it seems that masturbakers has closed. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I had a great experience with http://www.thischickbakes.com/. They're very willing to work with you to achieve what you need, and the cakes are delish.

    1. Had cake made by www.cookiefetishnyc.com

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        I know that these posts were several years ago, but did you like the taste of the cookies/cake from This Chick Bakes and Cookie Fetish or was it more for the gag?


        1. re: SaltyD

          I loved the taste of the cake from This Chick Bakes. I had it several years ago, but I remember it being totally delicious -- they put a chocolate cream filling in the center, and it was to die for.

      2. Cake was awesome, expensive but really worth it. It was a chocolate espresso cake with a marshmallow tasting icing covered in fondant