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Jul 9, 2009 11:41 AM

Burlington this weekend - bfast/lunch?

Hi New England chowhounds,

I have a favor. I'm in Burlington this weekend, but going to a wedding, so I only have 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches free. Where would you recommend? I need one of the lunches to have a good beer selection. And if there's anywhere that feels particularly Vermont (whatever that means) that would be exciting too... I've read on the board and seen a few names pop up over and over again, but I wasn't sure where would be good for lunch especially. Any suggestions?


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  1. For lunch with beer - American Flatbread - one of the best selections of beer in one place in VT - good house made beer too. Good salads and enjoyable pizza.

    I used a favorable rec for breakfast from Chowhound a couple of years ago and it turned out to be spot on - Sneakers Bistro & Cafe in Winooski.

    1. Ditto to Sneakers...fantastic hash of many varieties! Also, another great place for breakfast is Penny Cluse in downtown Burlington...if the line's not too long.

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        I'll third Sneakers. Finally tried them this morning before the VT Brewers Fest, and it was very good (although I'd recommend not getting the "Hasher" sandwich, the CBH was excellent, but would've been better just on the plate).

      2. I love Magnolia and Skinny Pancake.

        1. I like all the suggestions here except Penny Cluse, which I believe is very overrated.

          1. For lunch on Saturday I would go to the farmers market. Tamales from the Tamale girl are awsome. There are plenty of other choices as well. There are local cheesemakers, a place that sells amazing fruit tarts etc. There will be a ton of folks there. It is a Saturday tradition for many of us living in the town.