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Jul 9, 2009 11:39 AM

Best Buffets in the Burbs?

I've been going to buffets for years and just tried a few that I have never been to in the past few weeks.

1. Old Town Buffet in Abington - not bad, decent sushi (believe it or not) well priced, $7.95 (lunch)

2. Easton Buffet on 611 in Warrington - also pretty good. They have crab legs and since we went on July 4th, it was $13.95/person, little pricey.

Aside from Minado, which I do not like, what are some of your favorites if you actually do the buffet thing?

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  1. we've gone to the Hong Kong (?) buffet in Souderton, it was pretty good. the sushi was meh, but they have a good hibachi/mongolian type grill and the food turns over pretty quickly.
    We also went to a buffet in feasterville maybe Hong Kong King, but I am really not sure of that name. It was also good, with a similar grill and better sushi. There they actually had a guy making the sushi and he'd take orders.

    1. I would second the Old Town Buffet, the sushi is actually pretty good compared to the items I've seen presented at other buffets. I would not recommend Jim's Buffet in Lansdale, which is rather mediocre. King Buffet in the Plymouth Meeting mall isn't a bad place to hit up every now and then.

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        See, and I had unpleasant experiences at both Old Town and King the last couple times I ate there. I just didn't feel the food was very fresh. We've been to Jims, and at least it's busy enough that the food turns over quickly, but it is not very good.

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          The only good thing about Jim's in lansdale is they actually have about six different dim sum offerings including things like sweet bean buns, often three different types of dumplings, sesame balls. Other than that.. mediocre is a generous description.

        2. I avoid buffets because they appeal to the addictive side of me, but I have been to China Buffet in Plymouth Meeting mall on several occasions. The selections of Chinese, traditional American and Italian foods are vast. The Chinese food is excellent, including an array of tasty seafood. The food is cut above most Chinese restaurants and most buffets that I've been to. The buffet and dining rooms are kept tidy despite the sloppy fumblings of over-eager patrons.

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            Mandarin Buffet in Cherry Hill (Erlton Circle opposite of Ponzio's) is very good. A large selection to choose from, attentive service and it's a BYOB.