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Jul 9, 2009 11:19 AM

Any Great New Restaurant for Bday Dinner?

My birthday is coming up and I get a blow out meal courtesy of my boyfriend. I have been to most of the LA greats including Urasawa, Providence, Melisse, etc but kind of want to try something new. Any suggestions? I was thinking about Bazzar at SLS but am hesitant due to mixed reviews. I am open to any type of cuisine and live in West Hollywood but definitely will drive for great grub Should I go with an oldie or try something new? Help!

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  1. If not the Bazaar...try Saam...that's the private dining room of the Bazaar. I think you get some items that are not served at Bazaar. Kevin h did a really great review of Saam. Or you could try XIV from Michael Mina. Their gamut menu is supposed to be fabulous. Many reviews for XVI posted on CH.

    1. Baazar is great and you wont go wrong if you let your server order for you. Just tell her the type of things you like and dont. Other great choices - Il Piccolino on Robertson near Melrose is fantastic for a romantic Italian. Dan Tana is a cant miss. I have seen Sur and it is one of the best looking places in town. Hear good things about it too.

      1. A new place called Barbrix opened up in Silverlake is really charming and good. Its far but definitely worth the drive. Their ambiance is really nice and so is their service. They have a patio out front too. If youre looking for something fancy you pretty much have named all the big ones. Are you looking for really good food or just a nice scene? Barbrix food was amazing....

        1. Thanks guys! We made a reservation at Bazaar--I have a friend who works there and he said to save SAAM for another trip. I will let you know how it goes!