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Jul 9, 2009 11:12 AM

Forced to go to El Faro - need help!

My parents love the place and it's their treat, so I'm keeping chowpinions to myself. Paella is OK, but is there anything else decent on the menu?

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  1. yes parents do. mine certainly do at least! it is a sweet old school nyc feel, for sure, especially in the back room.
    shrimp ajillo app is nice and garlicky. i have never been a big fan of their paella.. too dry. their marascadas are better, imo. #1 is egg sauce if you're up for a stomach bomb. otherwise #2 is green sauce.
    their zest tangy salad dressing is always nice too.

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    1. re: waterstreet

      it's really not so bad, honest!

      shrimp ajillo is awesome....steer clear of meat altogether if possible.....aside, perhaps from a chorizo app if it;s still there.

    2. You're right about the old school feel, which I liked. And I had a lovely rioja in lieu of sangria. I liked the salad dressing, the shrimp ajillo and all the chorizo in the paella, and I agree, they were good. My kids ate potato chips - they just don't like paprika - hopefully, they'll evolve....

      1. When I was a kid I really liked the pork with almond sauce.
        When I was older I liked the chicken villaroy.
        Then I became a vegetarian.
        I still think the Natilla is great.

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        1. Noone has to force me to go to El Faro. This place is a West Village icon. If it has survived this long, you know it's good. For Paella, it must be the Valenciana with Lobster!

          I usually go in and buy alot of tapas to get in on the Combination Special. Four tapas will include both saffron rice and Spanish potatoes (fresh homemade potato chips that are delicious!). My choice of tapas are: Shrimp Ajillo, Calamares Fritos, Broiled Chorizos or Chorizos al Vino, Shrimp a la Diablo, Croquetas (spinach), and always a salad with dressing on the side (usually the special salad). The Mariscada with Green Sauce is good too!

          1. Not sure why you seem so down on it. I haven't dined in, but I've had delivery from El Faro quite a bit, and it's in our heavy rotation for a reason!

            Paella is passable, not great. Both "broiled chorizo" and "imported chorizo" are excellent. Shrimp in garlic sauce and anything in "green sauce" are addictive, as are their "clams marinara." The octopus is also quite good and patatas bravas have been more than passable for delivery so I'd expect them to be pretty solid at the restaurant.