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Jul 9, 2009 10:46 AM

piloncillo--now what?

I picked up a couple of piloncillo cones, and am now at a loss about what to do with them. Any suggestions?

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  1. IIRC I bought one to be 'authentic' when preparing chiles en nogada:
    Any recipe where unrefined sugar is preferred would be good - in Indian cooking the term is 'jaggery'.

    Now to the Real issue - how do you Break off and Pulverize pieces of piloncillo? My cone is literally rock hard.

    1. They are good in homemade barbeque sauce, it will take a while to melt though. One should be enough for approx. a qt.

      1. Shave with a paring knife or use a fine toothed grater to remove the amount of sugar you want/need.

        1. A simple starter - put one or more cones in a small sauce pan, half cover with water, and simmer till the cone dissolves. I also like to add some spice, such cinnamon stick and cloves. The result is a syrup, 'miel de panella' (brown sugar honey), that can be used a number of ways:
          - on pancakes
          - to sweeten coffee
          - as the main liquid in a bread pudding
          - as a dip for pastries
          In 'cafe de olla', 'pot coffee', the sugar is dissolved with spices in more water, and then coffee is brewed in that water.

          For small amounts, grating or shaving. It is hard. One name (in South America) for this kind of sugar is 'raspadura' - 'hard-grating-stuff'.

          1. If you Google "piloncillo recipes," you'll find all sorts of things to do with it. Have fun.