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Redondo Beach/PVE

We'll be in this area next week & are looking for good eats.... anything from $ to $$$$ and preferably good locally-grown, mom&pop-type places.... Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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    1. Quality Seafood for steamed crabs, oyster bar, live uni, etc.

      Quality Seafood
      130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA

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        Thanks, Fill-up and Servorg.... I'm familiar with the area somewhat. I have cousins in Redondo & PVE, but we rarely go out to eat. Had a fabulous brunch @Chez Melange last time we were there in '07. These are great ideas. What do you think of Restaurant Christine in PVE and Darren's in Manhattan Bch?

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          I haven't been to Darren's and my wife and I have only been to Christine's once and we weren't wowed by it. It's possible we just ordered wrong (and this was before I was a CH) so you may want to take my experience with a grain of salt. I did find the restaurant fairly charming and the service was fine, from what I recall.

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            A couple of other threads which you should be aware of for potential taste goldmines in the area you'll be staying are:



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            I ate at Darren's for the first time about a week ago, and I've eaten at Christine's many times. They are both very good. Christine's food isn't the most innovative, but it is consistently delicious, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Darren's food is more innovative, but the tables are close together and the atmosphere is less warm and inviting. Prices are also higher at Darren's. While our appetizers and entrees were very good, dessert at Darren's was terrible...I would return but I will never order dessert there again. Darren's is in a nice walking area right by the manhattan beach pier, which is a plus. One final note--Darren's and Christine are both very good places if you want to stay in South Bay, but you can find better food at the same price point if you are willing to venture northward into L.A.

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              You may not know, but since your Chez Melange brunch, the restaurant has moved to 1611 S. Catalina to a much better setting and neighborhood, and lost its Dennys look. www.chezmelange.com for more details.
              But by and large, the south bay is one of the lesser culinary destinations in the greater LA Metro area. Ortega 120 at around 1800 s. PCH does some quality tequila tastings if this might have interest.(www.ortega120.com)

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                That's good to know, altho I think once was enough! What's in the old building? If memory serves, it was close to an In-And-Out burger place....

          3. At the Redondo pier, you must make a reservation for Izakaya Bincho one night. It is a true mom and pop place with some awesome food! It is just North of Quality Seafood. It is my absolute go to favorite place!

            Izakaya Bincho
            112 N International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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              Wow... all of these suggestions are very helpful.... IB sounds quite intriguing. You have some good writers/reviewers on this board!

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                  Love Iz B! Pork belly fat thing.--really good

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                    Fourth in line for Izakaya Bincho. It's tiny, so call and make reservations, especially if there's more than two of you. The counter holds (I think) eight, and I think there's about another 14-16 spots on the adjacent booths. Also find out what their hours are. I usually go on weekends, but I think they're closed one Tuesday out of the month or something like that. There's some pretty lengthy detailed threads on this place, so give them a search.

                    RB/PV is directly adjacent to some of the best examples of Japanese cuisine outside of Japan. If you end up liking IB, you should also consider going to Torihei and Musha, both in Torrance, right across from each other in the same shopping center. Both are exemplary in their niches - yakitori and contemporary izakaya. Both are very popular for this reason, and both require reservations as well.

                    1725 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501

                    Izakaya Bincho
                    112 N International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

                    1757 W. Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90501

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                      IB, Torihei, and Musha are all great recs. While I really enjoy IB, I would recommend Torihei or Musha over them simply because the atmosphere is *much* nicer at the Torrance restaurants...whenever I think about going to IB I end up over at Musha or Torihei. So if you don't mind a 15-min drive out of Redondo they are great places.

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                        I love sitting and watching the sunset at IB, the boats in the water, and the people watching. Guess it is just a matter of what floats your "boat". The food is not to be missed!

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                          I've only been there in the winter after sunset when it's dark, and it felt quite dreary with the plastic sheeting instead of a front wall and few customers. Hole in the wall felt like an understatement without the actual wall! :) But it may have a totally different vibe on a busy summer night.

                  2. Servorg already posted some great links. This thread on "Southbay Favorites" is old but it is quire comprehensive:

                    1. One of the absolute best in the Southbay is Gina Lee's in RB. Great wood, good wine list, nice family run business. Only lacks "atmosphere", but is alweays packed. Try the whole catfish.
                      Darren's is OK, not great. (If you go, request the table behind the hostess station.) Petros is good in MB. Otherwise pretty lame.

                      1. If Lomita isnt' too far you could try Kotosh (Peruvian/Japanese) and La Espagnola (it's a deli/charcuterie) but they cook paella on Saturdays and also do sandwiches.

                        Kotosh at Kamiyama
                        2408 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717

                        La Espanola Meats
                        25020 Doble Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90710

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                          Do they offer jamon from Spain? what food is offered during the week? Love Spanish food and will try the paella on the weekend....let you know.

                        2. I forgot about Rosa's La Cabana, used to be Freedie's. She took over and has added a lot more authentic mexican dishes. As of late we are hooked on the Adabado tacos ( marinated pork), with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and guac, ummmmmmm.

                          Rosa's La Cabana
                          24403 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

                          1. for the vey best buy in food in the area, go to BOMBAY GROCERY on pch near oak (just east of narbonne) for ayce indian food. mostly vegetarian options.

                            if you don't care for ayce, they will cook to order for you. they will make anything you like for which they have the ingredients. just drove there yesterday from playa del rey to have them make their spicy mustard greens with tomato for me.

                            1. I'm not sure where you're staying or where you're from, but assuming you're staying in or close to one of those towns that you mention that are in the South Bay, you should also consider one small intersection in a tiny town called Lomita. The intersection is Lomita Blvd and Pennsylvania Avenue, and IMHO, three very good eateries are right there. Patisserie Chantilly, Gaja Moc, and Kotosh at Kamiyama.

                              Patisserie Chantilly is a Japanese-style French patisserie. Very artisan-driven, lots of tasty pastries and desserts, and they are particularly known for their cream puffs, or choux. They offer four fillings: standard pastry cream, chocolate mousse cream, chestnut cream, and their signature black sesame cream. If going, call ahead and order some. They usually take about 15-30 minutes to prepare - they often prepare and bake the choux on order, and fill them at the last minute so the choux isn't compromised. Their coffee is really good as well.

                              In the same strip mall, Gaja Moc is a white unicorn in these parts. They do okonomiyaki and manjayaki, both very popular and available in Japan, but almost nonexistent here at the restaurant level in LA. The place is a lot of fun, you have the option of making your own, or having the kitchen do it for you, their beer list is very respectable (get the Koshikikari Echigo - a perfect food beer), and if you're into parfaits, you've hit paydirt. They probably offer a dozen different variations. In the words of Donkey in the movie, "Shrek," "Parfaits may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet!"

                              Across the street is another strip mall of sorts where Kotosh at Kamiyama puts out some great Peruvian food. There's a Japanese bent on the food there (they offer various sushi rolls, most with a Japanese-Peruvian fusion to them), but the straight-forward Peruvian is very good as well. The tiraditos, cebiches, saltados, chaufas, chicharrons, and jaleas have a good balance of flavors, as does their salsa ahi; not too picante, great flavor, and goes with almost everything they serve you. Their beer list is short but respectable as well. The Japanese beers are really from Japan - not St Louis or Canada - and they offer a couple from Peru as well.

                              Patisserie Chantilly
                              2383 Lomita Blvd., #104, Lomita, CA 90717

                              Gaja Moc
                              2383 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717

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                                In the same strip Mall as Gaja, there is Eboshi which has decent Ramen.

                                1. re: bulavinaka

                                  I love the tiradito and ceviche at Kotosh. FYI, this is a quiet place with minimalist decor. Everything at Patisserie Chantilly is delicious and beautiful, but keep in mind that they close early (7?) and often sell out of things well before closing...I always wish I could go there for dessert after dinner but their hours make this impossible.

                                2. The Depot in old town Torrance happens to have some of the best food (and service by a chef who is always on site and often comes out to glad hand the customers) in the South Bay. http://www.depotrestaurant.com/

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                                    Chef Mike does an excellent Santa Barbara wine tour as well as conducting gourmet cooking classes. The man can cook!

                                  2. CHEZ MELANGE, focusing on local and sustainable sources, excellent food, talented chef, owned by the same people for over 20 years. we think it's the best restaurant of it's kind in the south bay. enjoy!

                                    here's a review from a respected hounder: