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Jul 9, 2009 10:40 AM

U-pick farms in Southeast Michigan

nothing too commercial

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  1. Try this site.....

    I found lots of places around here.

    1. What fruits/veggies are you looking for? Also not sure what you mean by "too commercial" but as long as it's not cider season, when they crank up the mazes / haunted houses / petting zoos, the u-picks I've been to are pretty low-key. My suggestions are:

      Blake's near Armada
      Wasem's in Milan near Ypsilanti

      1. We go to Spicers near Fenton, but it is agritainment during cider season. For berries it's pretty low key.

        1. Long Family Farm 248-360-3774 , Commerce& Bogie Lake Rd area , upick berries and such . A nice fall hay ride pick your own pumpkin kind of place . Also , the best asparagus in the area when in season , I think it may be too late for any now , but their corn is coming...