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Jul 9, 2009 10:35 AM

Church and State....What to get?

I know it's been hit or miss on this site, but I'm going to try it for myself this weekend....Any dish that's a must have? I'm not a big seafood fan.

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  1. Hey Dwight,

    Well, I've only been once, but loved everything I had.

    The salt cod balls where quite nice, though probably not your pick.

    The pizza-like tarte was amazing. Ours was a special, with Brie and figs, I think. But I imagine you can't go wrong with any of them.

    The mac-n-cheese was fantastic.

    And the steak frites excellent.

    But there are many more adventurous things on the menu. So I'll let others weigh in.

    N.B. The menu on their website shows only a fraction of the current one in-house.

    1. I haven't seen any of the "miss" reviews around here, at least not with the current chef. I was just there last night, and had another really great meal. They do a nice platter of charcuterie that can easily be shared by two as an appetizer (or more, if other apps are ordered). The roast chicken was excellent. The steack frites is a superlative version. I really enjoyed the duck confit last night. A lot of places will overcook it (ahem...Anisette), but this one had a nice, crispy skin with the fat properly rendered such that the meat still remained incredibly moist, not dry and stringy. Highly recommended. Too bad you're not a seafood fan; they do a really nice seabass (perfectly cooked skin), and the bouillabaise will transport you to the South of France. Don't miss any of the stone-fruit desserts, as they really take advantage of what's in season. I had something last night, I can't remember what it was called, but it was basically a cobbler. There was a pork chop on the menu that sounded really good. Had I been with different dining companions last night, I might have tried one of two very intriguing pork-based appetizers: pig's ears, and another one that was a pork trio (I think it was belly, knuckle and shank).

      Most of the main courses are offered in two different portion sizes, which makes it easier on both the stomach and the wallet if you want to have a multi-course meal and sample more of the menu.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        Church and State is a wonderful restaurant. Chef Walter Manske does the best charcuterie in Los Angeles. This is not bistro food – just bistro prices. This is a gem of a restaurant and Chef Manske is a superb chef.
        We had 


        Bread and the wondrous Echire butter

        Fried Salt cod with saffron aioli 

        Kumamoto Oysters

        Big Eye Tuna Confit, Tomatoes,
Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, parsley, cucumber, olives, tomatoes and dots of basil puree

Housemade pates and terrines plus pickled vegetables and coarse grain mustard

        Terrine of foie gras with port wine gelee

        Asparagus with porcini mushrooms and Porcini brown butter

        Crispy Pig’s Ear, Sauce Bearnaise

        Pig’s feet, Wagyu Oxtail, Lentils, Frisee, Bacon lardons

        This is the ultimate comfort food, executed perfectly. What more can one ask? My only complaint is that I wish it was closer – driving to downtown Los Angeles is a pain.

        Pics here:

        And here for more pics and another dinner:

        1. re: lizziee

          I made a reservation after finding a friend who wanted to join us and is willing to drive to the restaurant (I don't mind driving in Los Angeles - but prefer to avoid unfamiliar areas at night). When my made my reservation on Opentable - there were lots of limo options. The price for town cars was pretty good (cheaper than at home). So perhaps if you're a group of 4 or 6 - it might make sense to rent a limo. Robyn

        1. Agree, the only miss reviews I have seen were before Manzke, and it was a different restaurant then.
          If you really like to experience a chef with attention to detail, try the vegetable cassoulet. A very hard dish to execute: each ingredient has a different cooking time, and to produce a vegetable dish with so much flavor and spot on texture, to me, is genius.
          My only miss are the fries. The steak is excellent but the fries do not live up to the rest of the menu. They're not twice fried, as far as I can tell, for one.

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          1. re: cls

            I found the steak frites to be ordinary.

            The oxtail and pig cake thing on a bed of lentils with lardons was fab as were the marrow bones. I would also order an Alsation tarte, we had the salmon one, but as you do not like seafood, you may want something else. The terrines in the little pots looked good and the carne and non carne cassoulets looked good as well, I would have ordered the traditional cassoulet if I had not already had marrow bones and the pig/oxtail as apps (I went for a fish main dish, small portion)

            I thought that the market salad had a terrific piece of chevre on it, if you want something lighter. I also highly recommend taking advantage of their smaller portion mains.

          2. UPDATE----
            So, I very much enjoyed Church and State. We had
            bread w/ the Echire butter
            carmelized onion tart w/ bacon
            cheese plate (one hard, one semi-soft, one pungent and soft (my favorite) with honeycomb, a fig jam, and another jam I already forgot (but it was great!))
            steak tar tar
            mac and cheese
            and lots o wine!!
            Two thunbs up-am going back very very soon.