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Jul 9, 2009 10:08 AM

Is the new Oliver & Bonacini Café in the old Shopsies (Front St.) open yet?

Is the new Oliver & Bonacini Café in the old Shopsies (Yonge & Front St., across from Hummingbird) open yet?
Desperate for decent brunch/lunch in those quarters.

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  1. Not yet, I think the Shopsy's only actually closed about a month ago, even though the deal was announced back in 2008. Martini Boys mentions a "tentative" opening date of November 2009 for the new Oliver & Bonacini.

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      1. re: Gary

        I think Toronto Life actually put it at early 2010. Apparently, the renovation required is extensive.

      2. Apparently Oliver & Bonacini read CH

        to quote their twitter page
        "Just stumbled upon this CH post. The new O&B Cafe Grill at Yonge/Front is actually slated to open in early 2010 (Mid-Feb) "

        1. Still undergoing renovations...This is O&B's latest twitter post (with twitpic), posted today (May 17, 2010): " Snuck into the new Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill at Yonge/Front today & took some pics of the progress! "

          The recession probably cut them back a bit. The design firm hired for the reno does amazing interiors, very classy. Hopefully they'll be open by July...I really want to go there for my birthday.

          Oliver & Bonacini
          2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M2K 1E6, CA

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          1. re: GenevaF

            why not go to Biffs, just a few doors down, same owners (O&B)?

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              Official word is mid-June. Could change, of course, but that's what they're telling people.

            2. Since no one's updated the post, I'll step in and let everyone know that the O&B cafe grill at Yonge and Front is now open, according to their website and Twitter account. (Though their patio will not open until after G20 for obvious reasons). This is pretty exciting for those of us who work in the area, since there actually aren't a lot of good lunch (or dinner) options below King.
              Has anyone been yet? I've seen mixed reviews of the other Cafe Grill locations, but I'm guessing they should be at the top of their game for the first few months at least.

              [Edit: Menus are posted here:]

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              1. re: E.Ster

                We were there for the official opening party last night, which was held in the side bar/lounge room. It got packed and loud pretty quickly, so we ducked out to the main dining room and had dinner, which was excellent all around, including one of the best (& cooked to order) burgers I've EVER had in Toronto.

                It's a bit spendy to be an everyday spot - Shared app, two mains, shared dessert, glass of wine, pint of beer & 2 coffees ran us just over $100 before tip - but it was worth it considering the quality of food, service and atmosphere/vibe.

                1. re: E.Ster

                  We went for lunch today and it was excellent (and packed!). We started with the calamari appetizer, which was very tender and had a delicious caper sauce- this was the real deal...definitely not your typical frozen calamari rings! They kept the squid whole for the most part. I had the ham and gruyere sandwich with fries and my partner had the atlantic salmon salad. The sandwich was tasty and filling - they were very generous with the ham. The fries were ok - they season them with thyme (?) which I liked. The salmon was cooked perfectly.

                  There was one hiccup, which was rectified quickly and professionally. There was a sheet of plastic wrap in the salad - when we notified our server, she was extremely apologetic and immediately took the plate away and had another one made. While we were waiting, they gave us a complementary bowl of mushroom soup, which was very hearty and rich (despite not having any cream or butter). They ended up taking the salad off the bill, which we didn't think was necessary (opening week kitchen mishaps aren't surprising), but we did appreciate it.

                  Excellent, professional service with reasonable lunch options- I couldn't afford to go there everyday, but it's definitely a nice once-a-week treat. While it's a "Dark Wood Furniture" type place, it's definitely not stuffy. We'll be back once the patio's up (the GM came by and had a chat with us about this - should be up the first few weeks of July).

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                    Still, as noted by pantone (above), there is Biff's. We always go there during Winerlicious/Summerlicious at lunch for the GREAT $15 lunch menu...Check it out for July 2010 at the Summerlicious website.

                    1. re: klf

                      Mushroom soup with no dairy? I am so there! Thanks for the heads up, glad to hear there's another option for lunch & dinner in the hood.

                      1. re: klf

                        Would you say the cafe is child friendly? Was thinking of taking my husband there for Fathers day brunch, but we have a 6mth old that we would be bringing along.

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                          Sorry this is late, but for anyone else wondering, the place is kid friendly. I went to a baby shower here for Saturday brunch and they were very accommodating with the two little guys in our party (a 2 year old and an 8 month old). We had reservations and made sure to note that high chairs were needed.

                        2. re: klf

                          Not surprising in terms of rectifying a situation. I've been to their Bayview village location many times and one time they turned me from being an unhappy customer that had to wait 10 minutes just to get utensils and service into one that praised their customer service and tipped accordingly (hint: very well for a lunch). It's rare that you get bad service there (by mistake usually) and they're very very good to turning the situation around. Never have I been to ANY restaurant that was able to change my mood like that. Usually I become very very very picky with every little thing when I get bad service.

                          In terms of the menu, looks very very similar to their Bayview location, without the duck pizza.

                        3. re: E.Ster

                          Thanks for posting -- interesting to see them following the Alice Waters lead by selling their own filtered water (still or sparkling). Nice range of VQA on the wine list as well. Will definitely check them out.

                        4. I had lunch there today. The restaurant is gorgeous - modern design but not cold. The staff are still finding their way but they are super friendly and efficient. The menu is amazing - anyone could find a favourite dish. I had a sandwich and soup - the mushroom soup is my favourite from Jump. Delicious everything. I had a butter tart for dessert ($3.25...seriously) and it was divine. My friend and I ate like Kings...including tax and tip it came to $80. I'll 100% be back and often!

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                          1. re: MeMeMe

                            Ok. I'll bite.
                            How can anybody be LESS than 100% back? (Assuming no amputations).

                            1. re: estufarian

                              And assuming no lost or chipped teeth ;-)

                              Does the soup taste the same as the dairy-free mushroom soup at Auberge du Pommier?

                              I will remember to try the butter tart. I've usually been quite happy with O&B Cafe desserts.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                100% used as a synonym for "definitely", I'd assume ;)

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                                  Funny. I did get a manicure so maybe 99.9% of me will be back. I've actually got another lunch planned there for this week...