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Jul 9, 2009 09:36 AM

All natural, old world, dense French and Italian Bread

Looking for loaves of authentic and tasty (not light and flaky) Italian and French Bread, including fougasse, focaccia and pissiladiere (if possible).

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  1. terra nova, sold in alot of delis and markets is a very good italian also kneaded bread in port chester makes a good foccacia, usually with onions and peppers(i think)

    1. Orwasher's Bakery (308 E. 78 St) in Manhattan has been there forever and has WONDERFUL crusty bread. They have a cabernet sesame that is fabulous. They tell me that it is resistant to mold because of the wine - but it never lasts long enough for me to test this! Their cinnamon raisin walnut is addictive - and sometimes I call to reserve one since it can easily sell out. Orwasher's is an institution.

      1. I like Pain Quotidien which has decent, crusty baguettes. It also sells rustic, huge round loaves of farmhouse breads which they cut into halves or quarters. There's also a walnut & raisin oatmeal loaf which can be purchased in halves. PQ is pricey but very good.

        1. What about Balthazar and Sullivan St.?

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            Those are my two favorites. Balthazar has the absolute best baguette.

          2. If you ever get to Ct. there's a bakery in New Haven called Judie's that make IMHO one of the best French Peasant baguettes I have ever eaten. Super crusty with a dense, rich and buttery crumb. If you love bread this is a MUST try.