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All natural, old world, dense French and Italian Bread

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Looking for loaves of authentic and tasty (not light and flaky) Italian and French Bread, including fougasse, focaccia and pissiladiere (if possible).

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  1. terra nova, sold in alot of delis and markets is a very good italian also kneaded bread in port chester makes a good foccacia, usually with onions and peppers(i think)

    1. Orwasher's Bakery (308 E. 78 St) in Manhattan has been there forever and has WONDERFUL crusty bread. They have a cabernet sesame that is fabulous. They tell me that it is resistant to mold because of the wine - but it never lasts long enough for me to test this! Their cinnamon raisin walnut is addictive - and sometimes I call to reserve one since it can easily sell out. Orwasher's is an institution.

      1. I like Pain Quotidien which has decent, crusty baguettes. It also sells rustic, huge round loaves of farmhouse breads which they cut into halves or quarters. There's also a walnut & raisin oatmeal loaf which can be purchased in halves. PQ is pricey but very good.

        1. What about Balthazar and Sullivan St.?

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            Those are my two favorites. Balthazar has the absolute best baguette.

          2. If you ever get to Ct. there's a bakery in New Haven called Judie's that make IMHO one of the best French Peasant baguettes I have ever eaten. Super crusty with a dense, rich and buttery crumb. If you love bread this is a MUST try.