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Jul 9, 2009 09:23 AM

Best grilled fish

Looking for a trattoria or taverna (greek or Italian) serving fresh, mediterranean style grilled fish (whole or other) with no sauces. Old world style.

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  1. A while ago I went to Nikos (if memory serves) somewhere in midtown. It was pricey but the fish was superb, the wait staff were excellent. They freight fish in from all over the world - and you choose your fish, pay by the pound and they just grill it and serve it with a drizzle of lemon.

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    1. re: phanjokat

      Oooh - sounds heavenly. Will look them up on the web. Thanks for the info.

      1. re: itryalot

        It may have been Milos - it ended in an os. It was ages ago so dont know if they are still open. The waiter recommended Inniskillen Canadian ice wine between courses which was the most amazing palate cleanser...

    2. Hard to beat Elias' Corner for Fish in Astoria. Cash only though. Taverna Klycledes is on par with Elias's but the waits are killer (also in Astoria).

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      1. re: SpiceJunkies

        Last time we ate at Elias' Corner the fish was overcooked. The waiters were rude and just threw the food at you. Most of all the wait was unbearable.... NEVER AGAIN.... Not worth my time.. Go north a little further to Ditmars to Trattoria L'incontro .... You can get whole fish and everything is fresh and delicious....

        1. re: stevec418

          Trattoria L'Incontro while having great food and fish is Italian. Taverna Kyclades which has in my opinion the best grilled whole fish in Astoria is a Greek restaurant. Two totally different kinds of food.

          1. re: irvingk

            I am thining go greek, are their other meat offerings just as good?

          2. re: stevec418

            We had a great meal at Elias' this past weekend. Re: rude service, the waitress was gruff at first but by the end of the meal she warmed up and revealed herself to be a natural comedian. Everything is served family style and was fresh and delicious, including steamed beets served with their greens, lemon potatoes, the most garlicky tzatziki I have ever had, and a generous Greek salad. Grilled shrimp, (whole!) flounder, and sea bass steak. Obscene portion sizes, no menus and no rush. I love Taverna Kyclades, but E.C. has a much homier, more neighborhood-y feel and I will be back.