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Jul 9, 2009 08:58 AM

At Home Wine Tasting Party?

Does anyone know of a company or individual that will do an at home wine tasting event on Long Island?

I'm hosting a bachelorette party and looking for someone to come over and entertain a group for a couple of hours.

Thanks for any insight,
Shanon Tuli

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  1. I started to wonder so I did a very simple, down and dirty web search and found several links.
    Ckeck it out for your self.
    BTB-Several thousands of dollars.
    You may wish to talk to any of the major/larger/friendler wine stores in your area.

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      Thanks - I've been looking and haven't had much luck yet - was kind of hoping that someone on here may have used/own their own company.

      1. re: shanontuli

        Many well known sommeliers moonlight doing this sort of thing, though it's not cheap for the famous ones. If you have a favorite restaurant where you know the sommelier, ask him! Also, wine buyers and sales reps from the better quality retail stores or wine distributors may do this on the side.

        1. re: shanontuli

          If you have been looking, perhaps you may wish to let the board know just what you have found and rejected.
          Without all too much trouble I found this right off the bat:

          And as you are on LI, perhaps a call to one of the Long Island Vineyards maybe in order as well.

          As both sbp and I pointed out, wine stores and Sommeliers will do this as well.
          Back in College, my Fraternity had the late Jeff Smith do a wine and cheese tasting.

          And I know several of my local wine stores have done them as well.

      2. unless you are serious about wine, hiring someone to hold a tasting might not be necessary. he will explain the wines as you taste but for a bacherlorette party that could be a little boring. just buy a lot of wine, brown bags and rubber bands. someone puts the wine in the bottles, someone else puts rubber bands around the neck and someone else writes numbers on the bottles. that way no one knows whats in each bag. you could just do 1 varietal like pinot noir or you could have all different wines. i once did that and i couldn't tell a cabernet from a shiraz, a merlot from a malbec. trust me, after 15 minutes of drinking, you'll be laughing your asses off. you give everyone a pad and pen and they rate them or guess what they are or whatever. spend the money you didn't pay the sommelier on great food. or a stripper.

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          Not a bad idea Dock. While doing that search of mine, I also came across sites that told you how to to your own.