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Lucini Italia Products in T.O.?

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  • mbert Jul 9, 2009 08:39 AM
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Does anyone know of a retailor that carry's Lucini products, particularly the bottled sauses?



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  1. Give Lady York a call.

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    1. re: theresah

      Nope. any other ideas?

      1. re: mbert

        I'd give Pasta Mia at the St Lawrence Market a call. They tend to source very well. If the gentleman's pulling espresso while you're there, do take time to have one.

    2. In Vancouver they carry Lucini sauces at Choices and Urban Fare-maybe you could call and see if they can ship to you?

      1. Have you tried Whole Foods or Pusateri's? Why don't you contact the company and see if they can give you the name of a retailer?