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North Hills?

I just started my job here. Where are good places for lunch or dinner?

I like all sorts of food, and I'm trying to expand what I like by trying new things!

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  1. How about a burger at Tommy's, a sandwich at Balboa Subs, not half bad Mexican at Dos Arbolitos, or go to Casa Don Rolando for some Cuban offerings?

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    1. Dos Arbolitos on Woodley/Nordhoff
      Fratelli's on Parthenia/Woodley
      Dr. Hogley Wogley's BBQ on Sepulveda in Van Nuys
      Zankou on Sepulveda/Burbank
      A&W on Balboa/San Fernando Mission
      Italia Deli on Balboa/San Fernando Mission

      1. El Indio on the north side of Roscoe, just west of Balboa.

        1. Not too much of a waste land. Depending on where in N.H. you are. If you take the 10 minute drive down Sepulveda and into San Fernando, you'll find: www.thegourmettamalefactory.com
          Fabulous tamales you can take home or back to work or eat there. On San Fernando Mission and Balboa there's a Trader Joes and a Western Bagel across the street. In Mission Hills (next door), there's L'Affair Mediterranean at 11024 Sepulveda. There's also a chinese seafood place next to Western Bagel but, the name escapes me. None of these places are but 10 minutes by car. And, last, at roscoe/Woodman across from Kaiser, you'll find Filipino. Chow King is one of them. I'm not a fan of filipino cuisine but, I'm sure you can get info on this site about some. (The only thing I like is the purple Taro ice cream)

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            Tres Hermanos (MEXICAN FOOD)
            9504 Sepulveda Blvd
            North Hills, CA 91343
            (818) 893-8532

            Khun Dang (THAI FOOD)
            8210 Sepulveda Blvd
            Van Nuys, CA 91402
            (818) 442-9936

            Ocha Classic Thai
            9071 Van Nuys Blvd.
            Panorama City,CA 91402

            Dos Arbolitos (MEXICAN)
            9034 Woodley Ave
            North Hills, CA 91343
            (818) 891-6661

            I would drive into Van Nuys/Northridge/Panorama City if you have time to spare.

          2. Weiler's Deli at Balboa and Nordhoff does a good job for deli food and you can get a good pepper steak at DeFrankos on Woodley just south of Saticoy.

            1. Some good recs already... no wasteland here. You are also pretty close to Rincon Taurino, and in Panorama City at the Van Nuys/Roscoe intersection you have El Gallo Giro, one of the first El Pollo Campero locations, and a whole bunch of filipino options... I like Pinoy Pinay but there are several others. Also on Roscoe you have Van Nuys German Deli... not an obvious lunch place and not that cheap, but they have an awesome cured meat selection and a lot of licorice candies that I don't think you can get anywhere south of Solvang (and certainly not at Alpine Village...).

              1. Not too, too far away is the LA Lasagna Company (Northridge). Great for take away but equally, or even better for delivery if you are having a party. Tasty stuff to be sure.


                1. Thank you, everyone.

                  I have heard that there is a good roast chicken place near here- a Mexican spot. Anyone know?

                  Does Gourmet Tamales wrap in banana leaves, or corn husks?

                  What is A and W, is that the root beer/fast food spot?

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                    Gourmet Tamales is corn husk. I love the corn filled. But, I'm not much into meats. My S.O. loves the beef.