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Winecellar of Silene?

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It's gone. Anyone know what happened?

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  1. Really? I really liked that place but didnt get there much

    1. I stopped in a couple weeks ago to check on the beer selection, and it was almost all gone. Thought that maybe they were revamping the store or something - I guess it was "or something".

      1. Their website is gone too.

        1. They claimed it was a combination of the economic down turn their lease was going up substantially . They could be back somewhere, someday. I really liked that place.

          1. Huh! Was there a month ago and it seemed all in order. Never thought it was the best location, since you can't see it from anywhere. Pity, could find some things there that no one else carried.

            1. Probably figure that they'll concentrate on their other store which is in a MUCH better location and does a lot more volume.. Warehouse Wine and Spirits next to Whole Foods in Framingham (Rt 9).


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                Been there. Didn't realize they were related.

              2. I was there several months ago. The racks looked half empty, and the guy at the register was extremely rude to another customer. So I'm not surprised, but am disappointed. I'll miss their monthly recommendations