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Jul 9, 2009 08:24 AM

New Pub/Bar Queen East? Anyone know the name?

There appears to be a new pub/bar on Queen East in the Leslieville area. It's on the south side and has a front patio which if I recall correctly had a low wooden fence. The building itslef is set back and appears to be a converted garage or small warehouse? I was going by quickly and seen a 'beer branded' sandwich board and some tables and chairs on the patio. Wasn't able to see any signage or indication that it was actually 'open'.

Anyone have any info on this place?

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  1. it's the Ceili Cottage
    1301 Queen Street East

    1. And if you search the boards, there are two threads ongoing about it with the caveat that they're not actually open for breakfast/daytime yet.

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      Ceili Cottage
      1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

      1. Thank you both. I have another 'post' where I was looking for a resto reco for this Friday. As a fairly recent 'East Ender', I'm still figuring out where the good eats and drinks are. Ceili Cottage was mentioned, but it appears that they're still going through some newbie growing pains. I think I'll wait for the issues to hopefully stabalise as there's nothing worse than sitting on a hot sunny paito and waiting 30+ minutes for a cold pint. Ok, maybe there's worse things, but not many.

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          Well, you could go across the street to Cream and get some refreshing ice cream. I quite liked the Strawberry. Very "fresh" tasting. Then return to the patio, just in time for your beer... hhehehe..

        2. LOL....Dairy products and Beer not such a good combo.

          Thanks for everyone's help in putting a name to the place. Will be checking it out sometime in the future...