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Jul 9, 2009 07:32 AM

T&T in Ottawa

Does anyone know when this will be opening?

I was in the area in May and saw the signs/building but can't find any info on the website.

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  1. Seems they down-playing the new store as there have been some articles/news stories about them being detrimental to the existing Chinatown merchants. Tentative opening date is Nov 2009. Their prices are higher than other Chinese merchants in both Toronto and Vancouver, however, their stores are well laid out and very clean and would IMHO be a welcome addition in Ottawa.

    1. It will open on Oct. 28, that's what the security guy there said. The outside of building is already complete, all they have to do is put the name up.

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          It's on the southeast corner of riverside/huntclub. Can't miss the building, lots of green and glass, reminds me of a giant foodbasics store.

          1. re: sentertown

            Thanks! Although I suspect I'll continue to shop in Chinatown to support my local business owners (not to mention they have amazing availability of Thai ingredients), I'll pop in and take a look when they open.