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Jul 9, 2009 07:22 AM

Does The Vessel You Drink From Matter?

Two very different articles:

I am interested in what Chowhounds think after reading the articles.

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  1. The vessel does matter to me. I have nice white and red wine glasses and the stemless glasses as well. I often drink club soda from a wine glass while I make dinner.
    We do buy plastic wine glasses with stems for the beach and boat.
    I really like the new aluminum blue Bud Light "bottles." I don't even want to drink from the regular bottles now that I have discovered those.

    1. not that much.

      I have one set of good wine glasses that I use mostly when I drink "a lot better" wines, and/or when I have guests.

      99% of the time, everything go in simple, but good quality INAO type glasses, or simple "tumbler" kind of glasses.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        My opinion is glassware is more important for the occasion in company of others....dinner out or entertaining guests or example. Quality glass/stemware shows respect for the wine, and or liquor, it deserves for the efforts of the producers making them.

        With that said.....when I'm alone at long as it's glass, I don't care if I'm drinking out of my Fred Flintstone jelly jar glass from my youth.

      2. If the 'vessel' alters the aroma, or your ability to experience the aroma, it will make a difference. So when the one article says avoid plastic cups, it makes obvious sense. They don't mention it, but paper cups are even worse. They alter both the aroma and the flavor.

        But when it comes to differentiating between some high end stemware versus a cheap rock glass, the differences are subtle to the point of vanishing. The temperature of the wine is going to be way more important. Factors like decanting and letting a red breath is going to dwarf the effects of different wine glasses.

        But if holding a nice crystal glass, or knowing your holding a Riedel, if that makes you feel better about the wine, you will enjoy the wine more. If you want to enjoy your wine, then its all good. If you want to develop your pallete and differentiate between good and bad wines, then don't bother with the high end stemware and just use any old wine glass that lets you sniff and swirl and observe clarity, color, and the other characteristics that do matter when judging a wine.

        1. This is really a matter of personal preference. And the best way to determine your own personal preference is to smell/drink the same wine from different vessels, and the see if there is an appreciable different to you. You may find out that the vessel doesn't matter for some wines, but does for others.

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          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            You should compare as many glasses as possible, even if it requires more than one bottle to complete the testing.

          2. I realize there is a lot of debate on this subject. My personal research tells me that the glass does make a difference. A good wine is going to be okay in whatever glass, but is definitely enhanced by having enough room to swirl and swish. We've tried the same wine in two different glasses, and have decided there is a wrong and a right.

            What do you personally think? Isn't that all that really matters?

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            1. re: ChefJune

              I think I personally enjoy drinking out of a nice wine glass. I do not know whether the wine hits my palate any different, but it is sort of like I enjoy having a nice meal on my good china. It just adds a little something special. It does not make my food taste better, but it is an enhancement of my overall enjoyment!

              Everyday wine I drink out of my normal wine glasses. If they break, I will not get a little sinking feeling. If we are camping, I still bring the wine glasses, but when we have a big crowd, we break out the silos. I have never had someone refuse a wine because it was served in a red plastic cup. Not once.